Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Custom Blood Bowl Pitch Update 3

So at this stage in the project things are really moving along quite nicely, I have started painting the pitch and overall I'm quite pleased with the results so far.

Although I am already noticing a few things I would do different, namely painting the whole pitch green before putting on the tile spacers for a start would save lot of my time.

That's the thing when doing projects like this it's not about enjoying what you're necessarily doing it's the finished result which I'm working to, and anything that can save time is a real advantage.

The white dots is textured paint as I was not happy with some areas this to take some more time paint in the them black, another lesson learned.

Also the white lines of the pitch markings I have decided to simply paint the tile spacers as it seems to work quite well, but time will tell if this affect will work overall.

The stone areas will be painted Grey and then highlighted with the blue ink wash a little more work to do to get them just right which makes them stand out from the green.

So as you can see this project is well underway and probably the most enjoyable time for me when you can start to see things visually. in front of you when you begin to start painting.

Friday, 25 March 2011

KR Multicase Foam Tray for 50 models Army Cases (Review)

KR Multicase Foam Tray for Army Cases (Review)

For a little while now I have been considering buying a new Army transport case for my models. So whilst surfing the Internet I came across (WARGAMES Foam Tray for Army Cases hold 50 models) on eBay. Cost £3.49 per tray

So here's comes the review

First impressions (extremely good)
As you can see the tray easily fits 50 models which is the biggest advantage that I can see for you to go with these trays

Quality (softer)
The foam itself is softer than GW's which I think overall is better as the GW one is quite abrasive on your models.

Height (A little bit smaller to allow you an extra Tray in your GW case )
The tray are smaller than GW's ones which allows you to fit 4 KR tray yes you heard it right 4x50= 200 models in one case.

This is the biggest advantage fitting 10 models wide instead of 9 in the below photograph.

You can clearly see this in the below 2 pictures the extra space saved means you to fit extra models, as the blue KR tray one is a lot more snuggle.

All of which fit very snugly in your GW case

So the conclusion is very simple it gets a massive thumbs up and for the price it's not too expensive a upgrade.

Monday, 21 March 2011

My Custom Blood Bowl Pitch Update 2

So overall things were coming along quite nicely and considering I was on holiday from work for a week it is given much-needed time for the project in hand.

I think you can see by the picture I've decided that the original layout was not very feasible so the dugout and re-roll have been separated
which overall makes the pitch more playable whilst playing.

Typically like most projects I start things change halfway through and that is exactly what happened here, on closer inspection I thought the pitch was too wide and not long enough so I changed the way it was laid out by moving the re-rolls along the bottom, easier when playing instead of reaching over the table.

It's all in the detail

I have also started work on a little extra add-ons etc tables benches for the dugouts
from a old hero quest gamenwhich I had lying around, I don't think they look too bad.

I've decided to use WILLS OO RANDOM STONE MATERIALS PACK which are available on eBay quite reasonably. They have been used for the dugout floor and walls around the pitch. they are easily cut and give lots of X factor to the overall look of the pitch.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My Custom Blood Bowl Pitch

So my idea was very simple I wanted to made a custom Pitch for the tournament I attended inJuly 2010 with my new Orc team to play on, below you can see the project from start to finish.

I've always been inspired to make male pitch and in the summer of 2010 it became pretty major part of my life for about 8 weeks.

I used tiles spacers to to use for the grid reference for the pitch

I liked the idea of making the pitch that would be in a town in the Empire I also want to make it very rundown looking a shadow of itself in it's heyday.

Because it was made of polystyrene it was easy to make the pitch looked very battle worn. From the very start.

I wanted the pitch to come across tired used and abused, over a long time with all the little details adding character to the overall look

This picture shows the dugouts, originally I had planned to have then in the middle of the pitch.
I'm was very happy with the results so far although I'm going to change a few things which you will see in good time.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tutorial adding much-needed weight to your models and it doesn't cost very much

This is a very simple tutorial in regards to how to add weight to your models, and you should like me be only too familiar with plastic miniatures being too light on the tabletop, when moving around scenery except all too often they fall over in a drunken state of despair. But fear not there is help.

Step 1 Get some Das modelling material or I'm sure you could find an alternative

This stuff is brilliant it can be used from loads of different things in your hobby and it is very reasonably priced about £3.99 in the UK

Step 2 fill in the models base as it gives you more surface to glue onto.

Step 3 go and get some 2p and sure there's loads of them lying around your house.

Step 4 them onto your models and you certainly notice the difference when playing.

Step 5 repeats step 1 until you've finished your whole army.

Job done and you will certainly notice the difference whilst playing .

Friday, 11 March 2011

750pt Orks Battlewagon Brigade List

Recently helped to came up with this list on Dakka Dakka 750 Orks for 40k beginner event
and thought it might be very effective considering the low point level, and most opponents would find it difficult. to deal with considering its in-your-face by turn 2.

750pt Orks 5th Ed


Big Mek (90pts)
Choppa, eavy armour Kustom Force Field

Ork Boys (160pts)
20x Boy Nob Bosspole, Power Klaw

Ork Boys (154pts)
19x Boy Nob Bosspole, Power Klaw

Fast Attack (105pts)
3xWar Buggies (105pts)
War Buggy Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha

Heavy Support (240pts)
2xBattle Wagon Big Shoota, Deff Rolla, Grot Riggers

(749pts Total)

My New Skaven Blood Bowl Team

Drugs Magic and Warpstones

lists wise it work out

1 Thrower 70
4 Gutter Runners 320
2 Blitzers 180
5 Linemen 250
Apothecary 50
2 RR 120
1 FF 10

This lineup takes advantage of your most potent weapon: your Gutter Runners. You could also drop the Thrower for an additional RR, though that would leave you with only 11 rats. Don't be afraid to use a Gutter Runner as a passer. His mobility should keep his passes relatively short, and if you've got a RR available, Gutter Runners are better passers than your Throwers are, at least until your Throwers start collecting Passing skills. Once you have some cash, add your 2nd thrower, then a reroll, then your Rat Ogre, then fill out your roster with linemen.

You hear a lot of people complaining that there isn't any BB models being released which couldn't be further from the truth, considering with the new release of warhammer eighth edition and with dozens of warhammer box sets available for most of the races. It doesn't take much effort to transform a unit into BB team with relatively little effort. And I'm already looking to my next project, but to this one briefly if I can.

So as always where does the project began for me it begins looking through the Internet for inspiration, and surprisingly, there wasn't much to go on so I find myself looking at the computer games artwork which have some very cool pictures, and I'm already coming up with ideas for the players individually

So you've probably seen the big picture and that has given it away, and just to clarify its then low-down dirty rats for me this time around and the unit of choice is (with a drum roll please) The skaven night runners box set.

So what is exactly underneath in the box

Overall it wasn't an easy decision I have recently playing them online, and I've decided to convert my very own team from the warhammer box set, at £18 it's not exactly the cheapest, but it's a lot cheaper than the ones that GW is currently selling and the models themselves are looking a we bit dated.

surprisingly quite a lot this is a kit from 20 models (more than enough to make my team) all different shapes and sizes and the reason why, I like these is because their multi-poseable i.e. you can adjust the arms and legs, etc to whatever positions you want, you also can decide what they look like. And for BB this is vital to make your team look like a team and not just a plastic model that's had his weapons removed.

2 Stormvermin still a little bit more work to do on these guys

4 linemen

The Thrower is were I wanted to do something different and try and include some sort of mechanical enhancement for throwing the ball.

4 Gutter Runners probably the most satisfying bit of the team at present and I'm really pleased the way they have turned out

So considering I've only started things are coming along quite nicely.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

AJ's 40k Corps Imperial Guard Army In All Its Gory

I have witnessed my friends and tabletop enemy army go from strength to strength over the months and years. The time and effort that he has put into this shows great character and determination to fill his role within our group. It has truly been a labor of love for me to watch and playing against his outstanding army it just HIGHLIGHTS the achievement of which he has successfully undertaken.

Once again fantastic work AJ you needs to be saluted for flying the flag for the Imperium.
The below pictures where taken from Q con 2008 in Belfast where he successfully won best painted army

Here's some more pic of AJ army check out the scratch built 3 sentinels

so do check out this and more of his work go to

My New Black Reach Converted Warboss

So I started this chap a little while ago and overall very pleased the way the he turned out.

Show off MY converting skillz

Lisburn Gaming Club Doubles 40K Tournament 29.08.10

This weekend me and a friend attended a local doubles 40K tournament at LISBURN GAMING CLUB so we decided to come up with some filthy dirty tactics, and surprise surprise we did very well with one draw and two wins securing us first place.

So this is exactly what we took to the tournament


Archon – Punisher,shadow field, combat drugs, tormentor helm, Archangel of pain (I thinks thats what its called) -140
6 Incubi – Raider with horrorfex and Night shield. 225
5 warriors – blaster, Raider with horrorfex -105
5 Warriors – blaster, Raider with horrorfex -105
5 Wyches – 2 Blasters, Raider with horrorfex -130
5 Wyches – 2 Blasters, Raider with horrorfex -130
5 Wyches – 2 Blasters, Raider with horrorfex -130
3 Reaver Jet Bikes, 2 blasters -95
3 Reaver Jet Bikes, 2 blasters -95
3 Reaver Jet Bikes, 2 Blasters -95
Total 1250

My List

Big Mek Choppa, Kustom Force Field 85pts
19 Boys Nob, boss pole, power claw 154pts
19 Boys Nob, boss pole, power claw 154pts
19 Boys Nob, boss pole, power claw 154pts
12 Boys Nob, Boss pole, powerclaw, Trukk 147pts
12 Boys Nob, Boss pole, powerclaw, Trukk 147pts
Heavy Support
Battlewagon, death roller 20 Big shoota 5 Grot Riggers 5 Red Paint job Armour plating 10 135pts
Battlewagon, death roller 20 Big shoota 5 Grot Riggers 5 Red Paint job Armour plating 10 135pts
Battlewagon, death roller 20 Big shoota 5 Grot Riggers 5 Red Paint job Armour plating 10 135pts

Total 1246

Draw Game 1 Elder And Tau

For us it was very simple in game 1 we forgot about the importance of the mission objectives, which was a mistake and in the end it came down to a dice roll of under 7 to see if we contested an objective in the final turn . Which meant that this game could be a draw or a loss very tense

Win Game 2 Chaos and Space Marine

Another highlight in game 2 was involved a ork Nob rolling double 1 which in turn meant that he stayed in combat with three other units, you probably heard this happening (Sorry)

Game 2 Win chaos and Ork

sorry I didn't take any more pics but you can sort of work out what happened next

The winners drum roll please

Overall it was a great day and winning was an extra bonus and look forward to next year's tournament.
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