Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How to make 40k Desert Scenery Part 2

This is probably my last post in February 2013, so it seems this year that I have been spending a lot of time doing scenery, and something which I've actually quite enjoyed and in some ways I find it easier and more enjoyable than painting miniatures for a number of reasons. So below you can see some of the pictures for the progress that I have been making with my desert scenery.

Above is the base coat and below is some pics of the first steps of highlighting.

Not much to see, but an update nonetheless, so hopefully next time I will have a little bit more progress to display, so until then.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

New Necromunda 40k Hive World Scenery Update 2

I managed to get a little bit more done today, with painting textured paint on the scenery basis. Which is something that I always enjoy and look forward to, because you really do get a sense of the whole project coming together. Although I'm still not finished as I would like to add a little bit more which in turn would give it a more urban feel, for example car's that have been abandoned and destroyed, as well as some industrial plant. All of which are easily to get a hold of with cheap toy's that are available in £ shops locally.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New Necromunda 40k Hive World Scenery

Well you can't exactly play Necromunda the game if you don't have scenery. So it goes without saying that there is no better time to start a new project, and for me this is probably the best bit of my hobby. And after getting my son involved  over the weekend, this is the progress that we have made so far.

Monday, 4 February 2013

A Discussion On Painting Scores In Tournaments.

I've been going to tournaments, and not seeing fully painted armies. Now, you may be thinking, Tom, you're off your rocker, and at times, people not showing any effort, or have any interest, and naturally it's not for everyone. On the one hand, we have little Timmy, who has spent many hours lavishly painting his army. Now his army may not be the best painted, and he is not necessarily the best painter, but you see that he is trying. That he has made an effort, that he truly enjoys the hobby in all it's aspects. So what's the best way to Implementing painting scores in Tournaments. After all is it not about the hobby and winning come second?

 For example if you turn up with a fully painted army whatever the level should you be rewarded with a painting score? You will find that it might be the best way to inspire people to actually paint. TO's certainly don't want to exclude anyone, that's not the point, But TO's do need to encourage gamers to pick up there paintbrushes and possibly reward those that do. All the major tournaments all over the world, already do it. So why should we be any different implementing 3 colours minimum, 

 Remember non-painted miniatures at a tournaments should be the exception, not the rule. If that's the case why even take models, we all can simply just cut out bits of polystyrene and paper.

But as always it's great to get some feedback.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Converted Necromunda: House Van Saar Gang.

Did these a little while ago and have recently did a little bit more work, on them so hopefully I'll get them finished and will post up some more pics. Me and a friend are going to start playing Necromunda very soon, so if anybody has any advice, as I am a complete (Noob) in regards to the game, which in turn will hopefully get me started.

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