Friday, 13 April 2012

Organising Tournaments Is It Worth It, Because For Me It's A Natural Extension Of My Hobby

So over the last few weeks, my hobby has been in full swing with me helping to organising the first North Down Gamers Hub tournament with a very good friend of mine. And after the dust has finally settled I'm now asking the question is it worth it.

And I suppose the answer would be for me definitely yes, as I see it as a natural extension of my hobby, to see whether or not I could pull it off.

Don't get me wrong it's not for everyone being a tournament organiser, and a lot of the time it can definitely be a thankless job, but in my case rewarding nonetheless.

So in the next couple pictures I'm going to show you things that I have been working on.

 Some of are city  fight scenery 

In this picture you can see examples of the new forests and jungles that we worked on and also the buildings.

We always knew from the start that we wanted proper boards for are tournament as I've seen it gives a better look and feel on the day.

So there you have it a snapshot in time of what I have currently been working on and hopefully my that things can time I will be doing a little bit more posting, so until then


  1. lots of work you got there, it looks great!

  2. Looking good and best of luck getting all that terrain sorted.

    If you don't mind me asking what did you use for the left hand trees?

  3. That is a Hercules sized task you seem to have undertaken, but the effort seems to have been well worth it. Hope others thought the same.

    I just got back from one tournament not long ago ( posted to my blog the results ) and I could only wish for half the effort.. scratch that.. a quarter of the effort you seem to put into yours for mine. Hopefully I will see more effort at the next one in a week from now.

    In the meantime I plan for my 6k pt Fantasy demo game for the same weekend :S

  4. Holy Moly, that's some of the better tournament terrain sets I've seen in ages! building look amazing, great variation in terrain types and pieces! if you even have the change some WiP pictures of those buildings would be very much appreciated.

    Best of luck getting everything sorted!

  5. Having organised and helped organise tournaments in the past, it's a lot of work but really rewarding at the end of the day.

    Hope to get to your event on May 6th, if anyone I know is driving up I'll probably be there.

  6. Love your blog and great pics of our rivers hoping you'll let us share on facebook? Jane fro


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