Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My 40k ork speed freak's tournament 1850pts list for 6th

So most recently I have decided to play with the below list, with some good results so far, and with a 40k tournament coming up on the 20.01.13, I think I might go ahead and use it. 

From the start it all really hinges on whether or not you get to go 1st, as it's quite scary. With having 6 trucks at your disposal, it really doesn't hang around, and can easily get into your enemies deployment zone very quickly from turn 1.

So here it is in all its glory

+ HQ + (140pts)

    * Warboss (140pts)
        Bosspole, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Slugga, Warbike

+ Elites + (405pts)

    * Nobz (405pts)
        * Nob
            Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Big Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Big Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Bosspole, Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Bosspole, Power Klaw, Slugga, Waagh Banner, Warbike

+ Troops + (942pts)

    6x* Ork Boyz (157pts)
        * 12x Boy
            12x Shootas
        * Nob
            Bosspole, Power Klaw
        * Trukk
            Big Shoota, Boarding Plank, Reinforced Ram

+ Fast Attack + (360pts)

    3x* Dakkajet (120pts)
        (Waagh! Plane)
        2 Twin-linked supa shootas, Additional twin-linked supa shoota

Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)

Below I will post up some pics of the game's that I played most recently against 2 friends of mine playing Imperial guard.

 Also it manages to put out an extreme amount of firepower from the boys in the trucks, as they successfully do drive-by shootings, it is probably the bit I love the most seeing your opponents face.

Also the Warboss and his nob bikers which can easily pretty much go toe to toe with anything that they might come across, and not forgetting about my 3 Dakkajet's overhead coming in on turn 2. 

so when you put that altogether hopefully it can be very effective and catch my opponent off guard.

Well that's the idea anyway because as you well know being and 40k ork player sometimes it doesn't exactly go to plan, but as always I would love to hear some feedback.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Updating Hero Quest Fimir Miniatures And Fluff That Will Help Give Them A Little Bit More Character

So a little while ago I managed to finally get round to updating these models, and as you can see I have managed to incorporate some chaos bits and pieces. Which I think gives them a little bit more theme. also I have managed to dig around for some fluff on the Internet so take a minute and read it for yourself.

The Fimir inhabit the wetlands of the Warhammer world, typically within crudely constructed fortifications resembling nothing more than a pile of rocks. From these locations, the Fimir raid the homes of humans, taking captives for daemonic sacrifices. The Fimir loathe sunlight, and are followed by wreaths of mist to shield them from it, and their homes are always shrouded by it.

Fimir society is divided into a caste system, consisting of Meargh, the Dirach, the warriors, and the Shearl. The Meargh - also known as witch-hags - are the leaders of Fimir colonies, as well as the only females. A Meargh would typically also be a very powerful user of magic. The Dirach - described as "daemon-friends" - are a caste of wizards specialising in the worshipping of Daemons. 

The warrior caste - consisting of Fimm (warriors), Fianna Fimm (elite warriors), and the various nobles - take the brunt of raiding and fighting. The Shearls - the slaves of a Fimir settlement - exist only to work and die. The ruling Meargh hold the clans together. In the event of a Meargh's death, the Fimir of her stronghold separate, either working as mercenaries for other evil creatures or seeking out another clan to join. However the Meargh is sterile and therefore unable to breed. So as to replenish their numbers the Fimir kidnap young fertile human women to use as breeding stock.

So there you have it with progress so far, and hopefully this fluff will help give a little bit of character to these creatures.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

How To Convert Ork Dakkajet's Update 3

Hobby life can be quite demanding, so over the last couple of days I have managed to spend a bit more time with my Dakkajet's, so in the below pictures you can see the progress that I have made so far.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail with the exhaust, smoke as I'm going to do another post showing how I do it in a tutorial, but you can see it's quite simple and the effect is well worth the time and effort.

I almost feel very sorry for this one as he's hanging on for a grim death, plus it add's a little character as it's always good to have something funny going on.

So progress is coming on very well and hopefully in the not too distant future, I'm finally going to get around to start painting them.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Scratch Built Ork Trukk Conversion Now Finished

So following on from my last post, this model actually date's back a few years now, but it's only quite recently that I managed to get it finished, and no one can say that it's not inkeeping with a 40k Ork theme.

So there you have it short and sweet another project finished. Now I will move on to something else.

Friday, 26 October 2012

How To Scratch Built a Ork Trukk Conversion

Everyone just assumes that orks is a very simple thing by putting things completely at random, and to a extent they are completely right, although you will find that over time you will want to refine your skills. And there is no better place to start with your own ork vehicle's as such. And that is exactly what I did below, although not a new project, far from it, considering it was done several years ago it's a good example on what can be achieved by spending a little bit more time and effort with your conversions.

I think for me this is probably the best bit of the whole model as its ork face looks very good and the teeth brings it all together.

Don't get me wrong I'm not the best converter in the world, or scratch builder, there is a lot better examples online, although at the minute I'm happy with my own ability, and as long as I am improving overall things will go from strength to strength. I am very happy about when I put things on the gaming table either at my local group or tournament they can easily stand toe to toe with anything that I've seen locally, and I think that's half the battle. So you don't have to be intimidated by anything that you see as long as you're happy with the finished article.

In my next post I'm going to show the finished truck fully painted so until then.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Forge World Ork Totem Pole.

It's always nice to have a centrepiece of any 40k army, and for me it's no exception, and this Forge world Totem Pole, sadly no longer available. As you can see it represents 3 colours of my clan's that I play with, (Red) speed freaks,(yellow) bad moons and finally (Blue) feral ork's, 

The meanings of the designs on totem poles are as varied as the ork clan's that make them. Totem poles may recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events, or great victories in battle Some poles celebrate cultural beliefs, but others are mostly artistic presentations. Poles illustrate stories that commemorate historic persons, represent shamanic powers, or provide objects of public ridicule.

I always imagine that they are constantly fighting to see which colour is on top first, but at the minute it stands as follows. It was very simple that every time I have a game I would simply convert something to go on its base, well that's the plan anyway.

Each ork culture typically has complex rules and customs regarding designs represented on poles. The designs are generally considered the property of a particular clan or group, As such, pictures, paintings, and other copies of the designs are often seen as an infringement of rights of a certain clan group, and can easily lead to all out Waaagh, which will ultimately decide who was right.

I think looking back a friend started to collect Tau hence that's why he ended up where he did.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Northern Ireland's Newest Hobby Blog @ CSAFGAMING.

Do you fancy checking out Northern Ireland's newest hobby blog? Well a big well done to David Kane, and over the next few weeks he will be posting some of his previous and current projects. 

Which will include  imperial guard and WFB elves and some of his most recent work, such as Astral Claws and Empire armies. So make sure you head on over to keep yourself up-to-date to show your support @.

 I'm sure like me you will wish him all the best, and go from strength to strength.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

How To Convert Ork Dakkajet's Update 2

So over the last couple of weeks I've been spending a little bit more time on this project, and with a tournament hopefully in December, I am keen to get them finished, and ready for the tabletop, but as always I like to put my own stamp on things and make mine a little bit more individual something I am really pleased with so hopefully you can tell what I've done in the pictures below.

when I first saw the new models I wasn't a great fan of the front, so by adding this grill it makes them look like they have their own ork face.

With holidays coming up over the next couple of weeks. I hope to have more progress for you guys to see.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Kaboom! A Frantic Card Game on kickstater.

Just recently came across this on kickstarter, and had to sign up to get me one, looks like a cool little game. Toss the bomb over a fence, drop it down a chimney, or mail it to a stranger. Just make sure you're not holding it when it blows!

So why did this one's stand out?  This is the first time I have actually ever back a project on Kickstater, and it looks like a game that my family might enjoy. So overall I am hoping by you seeing this you might also, be interested to help get this project up and running.

THE GAME what's it all about

Potluck Games would like to present Kaboom! a dastardly game of frantic bomb-passing.

In Kaboom! players attempt to unload a gigantic bomb on each other. You may ship it to a stranger, drop it down a chimney, or simply toss it over the neighbor's fence... anything! Just make sure you're not holding it when it blows!

Kaboom! is a game for 2-6 players of all ages. Not literally all ages... You may have trouble getting newborns engaged. We'll run some tests.

You will find that Kaboom! is not like most card games, where a single player triumphs in the end. In Kaboom! it is far more crucial to determine a loser. If you are holding the bomb when it explodes, you lose! We recommend house-ruling additional punishments as well.

Now, some of you are nervous. You don't like the idea of playing a game where no one wins. For this reason, we will include alternative rules. But know that they are forbidden! However, you are free to do what you want in your own home, and we promise not to check up on you.

So there you have it what you think?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

How to Convert Ork Dakkajet's.

So a couple of weeks ago I managed to treat myself by getting 3 of these bad boys, and as you can see with help from my 2 little Gretchen, you can check out the results so far.

I think by having the guns positioned here makes them look a lot better.

I must admit that I am really impressed with the GW kit so far, and I am really looking forward to the way they are going to turn out. All being well and going to make them slightly different, that will help make them a little bit more individual.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Updating Hero Quest Against the Ogre Horde miniatures

So for those that don't already know, over the last couple of months I've been spending my time updateing my hero Quest collection, and to start things off I would like to share some of the progress that I have done with my Ogre's, from the MB supplement Against the Ogre Horde, that was released many years ago. 

Looking at the miniature's now, there are a little bit out of date, but fear not with a little bit of work I will have them looking brand-new. The conversions work is just simply using the new Ogre models that were released by GW only recently, and they seem to fit very well.

Above and below are my new Ogre Warriors.

Above a Ogre chieftain in all his glory.

Ogre Champion with his new base.

And no right respecting Ogre clan would go without it's very own Ogre Lord. So with this post the pictures really do speak for themselves, and if you have any questions just simply drop me a line until then.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Hero Quest, The Game That Started It All For Me.

So from the very start this post isn't about educating the world, it is just me talking about what started it all off. And if you've ever played/owned a copy of the game then you'll know exactly what I'm going to talk about, and for those that don't then hopefully you might go and get yourself one, as you can still pick them up on eBay for next to nothing, and there is no better tool at your disposal if you have children. it's perfect to introduce them to hobby gaming.

So I'm going to set the scene away back in 1989 when times was grey, and everything seemed very depressed, until this arrived with a TV advert. So from that second I knew it had to be mine, and within a few days it was a day trip to Belfast city centre with my mum, where it had to be purchased. Over time, I managed to collect all the supplements,and  looking back you probably wouldn't have that much long-term interest from modern-day kids, but back then it was slightly different for me as there is no such thing as a computer game.

My 2 sons are eager to get things underway
Which takes me to today as my 2 young sons are getting old enough for me to play with them and that's something I'm going to do more often as we have decided that we're going to work our way through all the books one by one. So with that in mind, I finally decided that I'm going to update and paint all the models from this classic age board game. So check out my pics to see what progress I have made so far and no game would be complete without the heroes taking centre stage.

I have decided to keep everything more colourful after all you're trying to appeal to kids.

After all you cannot forget about the HQ furniture which makes the game looks so well.

I am going to look at eBay to see if I can get some of the classic 1980 Citadel miniatures, as I think they will be perfect and fit nicely with the overall theme.

So there you have it my little trip down memory you know what so in time. I will be updating my progress of what I'm currently working on and who knows some of you guys might pick up a copy. It's not always about the big game's like WFB and 40k that enable you to get your hobby kick.

So hopefully in time you will be inspired to get your set. 
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