Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Some Ork Big Choppa Nob Conversions

It has been a little bit quiet over recent weeks on my blog, but it's probably been the busiest time in my hobby for some while, and below is one of the most recent  projects I have just finished, for a tournament I attended last weekend. I'm sure I can say this for everyone, we all have some projects that just seem to sit at the back of a shelf, gathering dust needing to be completed and this was no exception.  So let's get this job done.

(Update 1) Not the best picture in the world but I've started, on the first undercoat and Skin.

(Update 2) So I have already started to highlight, and I'm going to put on some inks to tone down the colours a little.

(Update 3) Nearly finished, Just a couple of bits and pieces to finish off and I'll be done.

(Update 4) And I have also managed to do a little bit of work on their backs.

(Update 5) Job done.

 From start to finish, overall this project took about 3 hours while watching some TV, and looking back really enjoyable.
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