Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Good Evening Sports Fans And Welcome To Today's Game Of Blood Bowl

Bood Bowl has always been a game that I have never quite been able to play as often as I really like to, over the years, because  It seems to get overlooked in my hobby schedule. So with that in mind I was eager to get one well underway and last Sunday was one of the first times that me and AJ had dedicated an afternoon.

So they say blood bowl is a game of 2 halfs and this is a small report of the first that we played on the day. From the start this isn't a blow by blow account, so I apologise if that's what you're expecting it's more showing off pictures than anything else so sorry, if that isn't your cup of tea.

 I'm not being fooled by AJ's smile!

Between my Orks and AJ's dwarfs and with the rivalry and smack talk already beginning to take centre stage it was all about getting the game underway, and as you can no doubt see with perfect gaming weather outside i.e. with a gale force wind out side and heavy rain, it was time to get down to business.

So with the stadium, cramped to capacity and fans eager for blood it was time to get down to the action, and to go through the teams that took to the pitch.

My Orc Salute of The Jugger
4 Black Orc, 4 Orc Blitzers, 1 Orc Throwers, 2 Orc Lineman 3 Re-rolls, FF 1 
AJ's The Barak Varr Begrudgers
2 Troll Slayer, 2 Blizter, 1 Runner, 6 Blocker, 3 Re-rolls, FF 1,30.00 GP in the bank

We decided that we would run a small league with 4 of our teams, it would be quite simple each team would play each other 2 times home and away, hopefully were going to rope in a few other people, but to get things up and running this was our first game.


So having rolled some dice it was decided that AJ would receive the kick,  It must be said that I have a little bit more experience with BB than AJ, having played online quite a lot recently. So I knew exactly what dwarfs where capable of , and with block heavily at there disposal, I was not underestimating what AJ dwarfs could accomplish, from the very start.

AJ played very cautiously which is one of the advantages that the dwarfs have with there slow speed they can afford to bulk up, giving AJ full credit he did rather well as you can see.

His dwarfs protect the ball at all times making it very difficult to penetrate the line.

 For me this is probably one of the most important turns in the half, because I managed to get one of my Blitzers through and around the back of his line which hopefully would put a little bit more pressure on the ball, but with a little bit of skulduggery AJ managed to break free down the left-hand side of the pitch. 

All of which left me a little bit overstretched unable to reinforce that side, enabling him to form a pocket quite securely with the ball in the middle for him to break free from.

And surprise surprise that's exactly what happened in turn 7 AJ's runner managed to break free heading straight for the end zone. The question is can I prevent and stop him.

Desperate times call for desperate measures so in my turn 8 I try to put as many tackles zones as physically possible around this little fellow. I also was lucky enough to seriously injure 1 of AJ's dwarf slayer's and suffered 1-M which was a great result considering, which hopefully, come in handy next half.

 It all came down to a Dodge roll to see whether or not AJ could end the first 
half 1 to 0, and now a drum roll please of course he did it was never in any doubt.

 So that was the first half and how it happened blow by blow or thereabouts. 

Keep posted hopefully I will have the other half soon.


  1. Nice painting of that pitch. You have to watch that pitch though since the squares are different scale than the current one. The smaller squares on that pitch allows for longer throws. Also the 2 deep endzone makes it safer for players to camp in the end zone waiting for passes. Ofcourse this does not seem a problem for most Dwarf vs Ork games.

  2. thank you eriochrome and yes you are right, as the pitch that we used have some disadvantages but looks to cool not the play on.

    Also for throwing you can simply use a grid reference to work right distance.

  3. A nice looking game there. That second edition pitch is much livelier than the flat board, and the teams are nice and vibrant. Good stuff!

  4. Always good to see a Blood Bowl battle report. Is the pitch scratch-built or are those available somewhere?

  5. Hello Newbreed the pitch itself was released with the second edition box game in 1988 by GW and you can still pick them up on eBay for relatively cheaply.


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