Thursday, 27 October 2011

My Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Polystyrene Pitch Close-Up

A couple of days ago I posted up the 1st half of a blood bowl game that I played over the weekend, and was quite surprised with the number of people asking questions in regards to the pitch itself. So with that in mind I thought it was only right for me to post up some pictures, for everyone to see it in more detail.

Back in the late 80's games workshop released the second edition of the game, and for me one of the highlights was the pitch itself, considering it is made from hard polystyrene. Something I hope they will do when they finally get around to rereleasing the game.

Doing the skull was the most time-consuming and was probably the most important bit to do right, as it does take centre stage when playing as I was very keen for it to be the right colour.

 I recommend keeping blood stains to a minimum as it's very easily overdone with a little red ink it easily gives the effect of the pitch being used.

So there you have it in all its gory hopefully you will be inspired to get your own, as they are 
available on eBay, for next to nothing. Although the only disadvantage is that they are smaller than the current pitches that GW released , but the way I get around it's is it's look amazing and well worth the effort.


  1. Awesome. How did you manage to get the skull done? Any advice is welcome.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi there!
    I can only ask the same question as Ivan. I just got me one of those nice pitches and it brings back all kinds of memories... since it is still all pure, I would like to make it look good. Any help or tips on how you did yours?



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