Sunday, 30 October 2011

How To Cast Resin Tutorial De-Moulding (Part 4)

In the next couple of steps I am and going to show how the mould has came out and the results so far. For me I was a bit nervous as this was the first time, I have ever done such a thing and was quite excited to see the results so far. 

So things are moving along quite nicely, in regards to making the mould.
In this pic you can see that the Gatling gun has turned out quite nicely. Although the only thing I would recommend is that you leave it to dry overnight to make sure that it has completely set.

And hey presto.
 After I removed the Lego you can see where the mould has leaked through the gaps, this in itself isn't too much of a problem and it can easily be removed with scissors etc.

This is a good example of the plasticine making sure there is no gaps.
At this pic things are looking quite good, just make sure you're taking your time removing your pieces as you can find they can stick and you do not want to damage the mould itself.

After a little bit of pulling everything managed to come out exactly to plan, just take your time as some bits can be quite stubborn and they might need a little bit more persuasion to get them might.

 I just use some scissors to clean them up around the edges.
Even the ork Gatling gun mould came out with no problems. this for me was one of the biggest concerns to whether or not that it's mould would come out ok but as it turned out everything seemed fine.

I didn't actually realise how much of the detail would be captured in the mould.
looking back I could have had fitted more pieces in to cast, in the mould. After all you want to maximise all the potential room but in saying that it was my first time, and I will no doubt put it down to experience for the next one I do.

 So in the next step I'm going to start mixing the resin itself and hopefully have some more pictures very soon.


  1. looks great so far! following this with great intrests as I'm looking to cast my homemade BA Jumppacks. However those might need a 2 part mold in order to work but this is a great help in seeing how it all should work :)!

  2. Loving this tutorial series! I've been thinking about getting into casting, and have been eagerly devouring all the tutorials I can, and yours may be the one that gets me to take the plunge. Keep up the great work!


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