Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Converted Feral Warboss

As you do with your spair time, I recently was going through some pictures that I had on a old hard drive, and I came across this fellow, which brought back a lot of memories. He was originally done almost 10 years ago and at the minute is a bit battered and bruised lying in my bits box. So with that in mind I thought it was about time that I posted these pics to let everyone see him in all his glory.

I had a clear vision in regards to what I wanted to achieve and hopefully reading the below fluff you'll get a better idea of where I was hopefully coming from.

Feral Orks background

Waaagh has passed through a planet. While most Orks leave with their Warboss to find more warfare, some Ork spores are left behind on these worlds. If the spores manage to survive in harsh environments, they will then grow into Feral Ork tribes. Like most Orks, Feral Orks favor close combat, although they are significantly less capable of shooting. This is because, Feral Orks, being almost completely left behind by their more advanced brethren. These Orks make use of crude technology and employ boars, traps, and massive Squiggoths in attacks. 

The Feral Ork Structure is full of cheap, expendable Orks armed with very basic technology, although often their sheer numbers are sufficient to overcome a foe. 

The Feral Ork Structure is representing the forces that get left behind on a world once an Ork Waaagh! has moved on. Usually they are a new generation from the seeds and pods released by all Orks but can also be normal Orks stuck on a world who effectively devolve back to a feral state. The Feral Orks, while less evolved, do have access to a variety of equipment in their armoury, however a lot of it works due to the strange effects they have on the mind of the Ork, rather than actually having a physical effect.

So with all that in mind I finally got dying to business to see what I could come up with, and I think you'll agree he can might very well

His left arm originally came from a Mordheim: Pit Fighter Ogre which would act as a power club as a power claw didn't keep in with the fluff.

Also his cape was originally taking from the Chaos Warriors sprue which at the time were newly released , and by simply doing a little bit of green stuff work, like adding patches making tears in his cloth, as this guy has been in several scraps over the course of his lifetime. 

Finally for me probably the best bit of the whole project, no feral warboss worth his salt would ever go into battle without a shield and this is no exception as he easily makes use of a warhammer orc chariot wheel. 

So there you have it please make sure you leave a few comments and if you have your own feral project make sure you get in contact.


  1. Very nice conversion, good work.

  2. Well now he looks like a proper feral Ork boss. Lots of trophies and a huge shield. I think the shield is my favorite part as well. It's big enough that it fits perfectly with the scale of the rest of the model.
    Nice work.

    Ron, From the Warp

  3. Nicely done - that's one heck of a Bosspole! Looking forward to seeing it painted up, keep up the great work!

  4. Looks great man, the club with the nails coming in and out of it is sick. Might be stealing that idea sometime. I have a Feral Snake Bite Army I am working on at the moment as well, unfortunately most of everything is still too early to post.

  5. I love this conversion! Any more pictures from the same army?

  6. Hey, I saw your post over on my blog, rust and the city and thought I would drop by and check out your blog. I like the orc. I really like the nails and chaos warrior cloak.


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