About Me

I live in Bangor Co down Northern Ireland with my partner Tarmara of 15 years with our 2 children named, Ethan 10 and Hayden 7 has it been that long it really does go fast.

Hobby wise I originally started out with hero quest back in 1988 then in 2000, I was a founder member of Unite All Action gaming club in Bangor Co Down, that ran for 4 years which I enjoyed, and in some ways miss to-day.

Then in 2004 I opened a small shop in Belfast of the same name for two years, so I can really say I have been a part of the hobby on all levels, although not as much fun as being a part and running a gaming club.

Then attraction of money and a career, I was corrupted and then I find myself in a more 9 to 5 shirt and tie environment which I still do today as a manager in ASDA which although at times stressful, my hobby has never died completely.

 So what do I play when not being a avid painter and converter when I did find the time. 40k Warhammer Blood Bowl to name but a few, MTG just for fun nothing too serious it's a game after all all so too many boardgames to mention favourites being hero quest Space Hulk Memoir 44.

So that's me not much to say really, and if our path crossed in the past, them a big hello and look forward to say hello again in the future.
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