Sunday, 22 January 2012

Alternate Colour Schemes For Painting Grey Knight.

Like many gamers we probably spent too much time looking around the Internet, because recently I came across these beautiful Grey Knights on a topic that was originally started on Dakka Dakka, I always had a idea of painting Grey Knights actually grey. I know it sounds strange but these are a beautiful example of what can be achieved when keeping your colour scheme very simple and straightforward,and as you can see less is definitely more.

The highlighting have been To the bare minimum which means painting can be done relatively quickly so you shouldn't have too much trouble banging these guys out in no time at all.

So is very straight forward, keeping it simple from the very start, which means that you can easily spend a little bit more time on things that really do help make it stand out, so whoever owns these I'm quite jealous.


  1. I like this. what colours have you used?

  2. I've always like grey Greg knights. I've just posted some oop gks I painted for a golden demon entry about 8 years ago. These look great!

  3. Unfortunately these are not mine, but I would be very tempted to do my own if they look this good.

  4. Man this brings back memories ... I used to play an Inquisitor army with lots of Grey Knights a couple of years back! I painted them all boltgun metal with a mithril silver highlight and some red detailing. At the moment it's Tyranids, but I'm tempted to start with Deamons as I can use that both in Fantasy and in 40K.

    Btw thanks for following my blog and commenting! Love your blog and I'll be lurking and commenting here too!


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