Monday, 20 June 2011

(Part 2) Ork Battle Wagons Big Shoota Conversions (Painted)

So I have finally managed to updating my blog and I have just recently finished these guys and I am extremely pleased the way they have turned out.

another close-up shot

As you can see by using little bits and pieces you will no doubt have lying around you can easily make them very unique.

So there you have it pretty much finished onto my next project.

(Part 1) Ork Battle Wagons Big Shoota (Conversions)

Big shoota's on battle wagons are an essential upgrade so with having five brand-new battle wagon is at my disposal I thought it was about time I did a little conversion for these big guns.

From the outset and want them to be a little different individually which overall as character to the models and as you can see I have managed this quite well with a mixture of bits and pieces.

So as you can see it's important that their guns came across a little bit bigger than usual, so a little bit of plastic card cylinder on the end makes all the difference.

So a simple conversion that makes all the difference when it comes to giving your Ork Battle Wagons some individuality, something I'd like to see when I'm looking at others People's Army's

In the next step I will have them printed so make sure to leave some comments or suggestions on what you would like to see.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Exactly How Much Of This Hobby Do We Enjoy

With a tournament within the next week at the minute I'm assembling and painting the models involved, and a simple question entered my mind do we actually enjoy our hobby it all seems endless painting modeling collecting isn't all too much like hard work just to get the end result of a painted army, just thought I would ask the question. Exactly how much of this hobby do we enjoy, Or is the end result the goal that we all work to and the journey in between the bits that we all hate with a passion.

1. Browsing models: Fun but only models that are painted well by gamers
2. Buying models: no one surely finds this Fun
3. Building/painting models: wouldn't exactly call this fun of more like a necessity at times
4. Converting models: for me probably the best bit of the Hobby
5. List building; a real headache at times
6. Being a part of forums; EnjoyableLooking at MY painted army: HELLA FUN!
7. Looking at others painted armies: Fun if well-painted/converted.
8. PlayingGames: sometimes I really do wonder whether or not I do enjoy it
9. Tournament : time will tell when I go
10. Creating stories for my armies: Fun
11. Reading others stories: Not so fun

I guess I enjoy most of it.

Friday, 17 June 2011

(Tutorial) How To Paint Black And White Squares On Ork Vehicles (Part 2)

So I have just managed to finish Part 2 of this tutorial, and below you will find the highlighting steps in sequence for you to follow step-by-step.

After you have completed part one this is what the areas should look like.

So next is the highlighting stage and it needs to be said is one of the most important steps to get right, failure to do so will make the boxes look terrible. So the trick is to take your time not to rush.

Below you will also see some pictures of the highlights themselves this will give you an idea in regards to what colour you're aiming for when you want to highlight.

Highlight 1

when it comes to applying paint just target in the middle of the Square less is more

Highlight 2

Highlight 3

As you can see because you've taken your time and you have built the highlights slowly overall it makes them look three-dimensional.

you can see the finished result quite clearly and it really doesn't take no time at all

so there we have it job done and this technique can be used for any colour at your disposal.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

(Tutorial) How To Paint Black And White Squares On Ork Vehicles (Part 1)

(Hobby Update) Started To Paint Black And Square On My Orks Battlewagon

I have just managed to find time for another hobby update, like any ork player being able to paint black and white Square properly always comes in very handy for any project, so below you will find a couple of useful hints and tips to get you well underway.

First thing is do not use white straight out of the pot as a base coat it's better if you use a light grey to start you off as if you just use white it can stand out like a sore thumb.

So once you've decided what areas you're going to paint its time to start filling in them squares, so make sure your black paint is thin down with a little water, as you will find it easier to apply.

As you can see it's important to apply your base coat evenly and it's even better if it's a little transparent, as it all adds to the effect of the highlight

The outline does not have to be neat in some ways a little bit rough makes it look better

So there you have it in the next stage I will show you how to highlight all the little boxes, which really does make them stand out. So make sure you try and incorporate some little black-and-white boxes into your next project, as I think you'll agree nothing Look better.

Monday, 13 June 2011

(Hobby Update) Started To Paint My Orks Battlewagon.

So progress at the minute is thick and fast as there is no let up to getting ready for Q Con which is in a couple of weeks.

The undercoat that I use is very simple, starting off I spray the model black and give it a very rough highlight with a dark grey. Which can be simply done mixing black-and-white together. If you look closely at some of the photographs you can see this. I find the rougher the better after all I am a ork player.

This picture probably gives you a rough idea of the undercoat and the technique that I use.

For the red colour I use straight out of the pot blood red water down so it is applied evenly but still remaining rough around the edges.

In this picture you can already see me starting to highlight the red colour by simply mixing some orange and generally applying it directly onto the model, it must be said to do this slowly as it's very easy to get carried away.

So there you have it, the next stage I will start to paint the white areas which in turn makes the model stand out a little bit more.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Painted Converted Mega Armour Nobs

So things are moving along very nicely at the minute, especially when it comes to painting and as you can see with the below pictures.

I'm always a fan to incorporate more colours into the army that I'm working on as all too often I can see ork armies, looking similar, so it was always the plan to paint one squad bad Moons.

Painting yellow in itself can be a bit of a nightmare and I have found a couple of tricks and suggestions that I find very useful. When starting this dreaded, colour I personally start off with a dark brown in colour and then highlighted with yellow to get the desired effect them finally with a wash of brown ink, seems to do the job rightly.

I think by using more up-to-date orks nobs heads it gives the models a better look which makes them look more menacing.

below is a very simple conversion using green stuff to create the skin around the head to makes it look like you can see that Nob skull.

so there you have it another update and I am already working on the war boss himself.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Converted Mega Armour Nobs

So with the 40K Q Con tournament fast approaching I'm at the final stage of nearly completing the last few units of the Army, and although I had already painted these models some time ago they are starting to look a bit dated, so a much-needed update was in order.

The list incorporates 2 squads of 3 so I have decided to make 1 bad Mooms and the other Goff which in turn makes them easily recognisable on the tabletop.

I'm really pleased the way that they have turned out as I replaced all their heads with more up-to-date bits from the nob box set.

It was apparent that the models have suffered in regards to their size as they are beginning to look very small in comparison to the new stuff that has been released recently over the last couple of years. So to get around this,

I added little bits of plastic card to the top of the model which in turn makes it seem that they are a little bit bigger and overall it has worked extremely well.

Another trick I use when modelling my ork is to incorporate in some way the idea of ranks in the Army and the unit, and a good example of this is if you look at there boss pole the more rivets that they have means the higher up the food chain they are.

so below is the finished units with the big man himself leading them into the fray

What I have learned
1. How cool the models still are surely a classics
2. Be more neat and precise with plastic card
3. I want to convert 3 more mega armor to form his bodyguard, all converted with Ghazghkull's model to accompany him into battle.

What I would do differently
1 Get more sleep when modeling as always there has to be a downside

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