Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Converted Mega Armour Nobs

So with the 40K Q Con tournament fast approaching I'm at the final stage of nearly completing the last few units of the Army, and although I had already painted these models some time ago they are starting to look a bit dated, so a much-needed update was in order.

The list incorporates 2 squads of 3 so I have decided to make 1 bad Mooms and the other Goff which in turn makes them easily recognisable on the tabletop.

I'm really pleased the way that they have turned out as I replaced all their heads with more up-to-date bits from the nob box set.

It was apparent that the models have suffered in regards to their size as they are beginning to look very small in comparison to the new stuff that has been released recently over the last couple of years. So to get around this,

I added little bits of plastic card to the top of the model which in turn makes it seem that they are a little bit bigger and overall it has worked extremely well.

Another trick I use when modelling my ork is to incorporate in some way the idea of ranks in the Army and the unit, and a good example of this is if you look at there boss pole the more rivets that they have means the higher up the food chain they are.

so below is the finished units with the big man himself leading them into the fray

What I have learned
1. How cool the models still are surely a classics
2. Be more neat and precise with plastic card
3. I want to convert 3 more mega armor to form his bodyguard, all converted with Ghazghkull's model to accompany him into battle.

What I would do differently
1 Get more sleep when modeling as always there has to be a downside


  1. They look cool and even better once painted. I guess it is a spelling mistake but I have never heard of Bad Mooms. But you could leave it as that as it sounds really cool and funny.

  2. Hello Commissar Dave It's just as well as spelling for orks isn't one of there strong points Ha Ha


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