Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Painted Converted Mega Armour Nobs

So things are moving along very nicely at the minute, especially when it comes to painting and as you can see with the below pictures.

I'm always a fan to incorporate more colours into the army that I'm working on as all too often I can see ork armies, looking similar, so it was always the plan to paint one squad bad Moons.

Painting yellow in itself can be a bit of a nightmare and I have found a couple of tricks and suggestions that I find very useful. When starting this dreaded, colour I personally start off with a dark brown in colour and then highlighted with yellow to get the desired effect them finally with a wash of brown ink, seems to do the job rightly.

I think by using more up-to-date orks nobs heads it gives the models a better look which makes them look more menacing.

below is a very simple conversion using green stuff to create the skin around the head to makes it look like you can see that Nob skull.

so there you have it another update and I am already working on the war boss himself.

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