Monday, 13 June 2011

(Hobby Update) Started To Paint My Orks Battlewagon.

So progress at the minute is thick and fast as there is no let up to getting ready for Q Con which is in a couple of weeks.

The undercoat that I use is very simple, starting off I spray the model black and give it a very rough highlight with a dark grey. Which can be simply done mixing black-and-white together. If you look closely at some of the photographs you can see this. I find the rougher the better after all I am a ork player.

This picture probably gives you a rough idea of the undercoat and the technique that I use.

For the red colour I use straight out of the pot blood red water down so it is applied evenly but still remaining rough around the edges.

In this picture you can already see me starting to highlight the red colour by simply mixing some orange and generally applying it directly onto the model, it must be said to do this slowly as it's very easy to get carried away.

So there you have it, the next stage I will start to paint the white areas which in turn makes the model stand out a little bit more.

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