Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Does anybody still collect orks, or stick with one army, no matter what?

Recently I came across this on Facebook, 

Does anyone not just collect one armie any more? As they just seem to chop and change whatever is currently the best one on the market at any given time, I have been in ork player for years now, and although in 7th I've really struggled to win any games that's not the point it's definitely a challenge trying to get the best out of your codex. It just seems that everyone seems to collect everything and no one seems to focus on one thing at any given time, it's not always about winning its about the hobby is it not. So is it me or am I very much on my own and does anyone else feel like this?

I'll always play the Orkz regardless of how the local meta is. I've got 7000pts of orkz and still growing. Personally, nothing comes close to the feel, fluff and fun of the orkz. Greenskin for life! 
Watching other players constantly switch army's, plus forking out the cash for em, is hilarious to me in their attempts to stay top teir... while I stick to my boyz and continue on as I always have and have fun with the same army.... using which ever list I may be running at the time.


  1. I only play CSM, though I have a small number of IG as allies (3 Leman Russ and about 30 troops). So like you I lose a lot. I think even keeping a single army competitive can be expensive enough! At least FW have just brought out IA 13 which is a shot in the arm for my army as I can field my IG and whatever cultists type scum I can round up as Battle Brothers to my CSM.

    Must admit I did weaken a few months ago after a losing streak and bought some Iron Hands to play, my only second army in 20+ years..,. Got fed up of losing with Chaos. Haven't played with them yet as they aren't painted yet.

  2. I played Orkz back in 3rd edition, but lost touch with the hobby in general for about 3+ editions. In 6th I picked up Imperial Guard, and have been expanding that readily over the past year and a half.

    Most of the games I've played against Ork players have been won by the skin of my teeth. A rather Pyrrhic victory, where it comes down to dice rolls.

    I need to play around with my Orkz a little bit more. While they're not my focus right now, they're very much still on my to-do list. :)

  3. One army only; Silver Skulls Space Marines. Had them a little before the beginning of 3rd edition. Perhaps adding maybe 2 units max a year, many years were skipped. I don't ever get the chance to play with them ( no shops in northern Indiana that play only sell the stuff ) but enjoy making lists for them and just collecting in general. I love to surf these blog sites and have been for years(perhaps I should breakdown and make my own blog but I know nothing about it and can't find a starting point), your assessment of the majority of people picking up the flavor of the month is pretty spot on. You really notice it when a new codex comes out and the majority of peoples blog rolls involve some model from the just released codex.

    1. Blogspot is a pretty easy starting point - heck, I figured it out! They have lots of tools for designing it, and you can always play around with the layout and add new things as you discover them/figure them out. If you do get one set up, shoot me an email with the link (click on name and follow link to email) and I can add you to my blogrolls to help get some viewers. My first marine army from 3rd ed is my all-pod all-beakie Silver Skulls, would love to see yours!

  4. Orks were my first army and played them for years. Loved the Speed Freak period (when you could make an army list from all vehicles). I do bounce from army to army now, but not because I am pulled to the best rules. Rather I like the variety. I am terribly slow at painting so a small shift to a new army means years on a project. Currently working on a scout army, but got side tracked by reading the Soul Drinker Omnibus...and thus a new project is borne. I am finding I generally like to paint up some guys from whichever 40k novel I am currently reading...and there are not many Ork novels...and none where they are the main characters....

  5. I collect a lot of armies, but it's hobby, not out of desire to win. I rotate through them fairly regularly. There are many times that I wish I could just focus on one army to the exclusion of others, but each offers me something different, even if it's just a different look. So, I've got three+ versions of CSM, two IG (one loyal, one Chaotic), 2.5 loyal marines, orks, eldar corsairs...

  6. I agree with sonsoftaurus....I truly wish I was of the "only one army for me" ilk...things would be so much simpler and so much less expensive...I would have so many more painted models of a game usable nature! But I am drawn in many directions for many reasons....

  7. I used to have about seven armies, mostly out of a desire for variety. I've collapsed down into "only one for me" territory as far as the GW games go just because I don't have the disposable income I used to, and keeping up with the release schedule is essential for pick-up gaming, unless you want to do a lot more evangelism than I'm really prepared to engage in. At this stage I don't own a 40K army any more and I don't have the resources to start a new one; I cling to my old WFB army because I know that I'll never be able to replace them if I let them go.


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