Monday, 10 November 2014

My New Chaos Army Daemon Prince Of Nurgle Part 3

Just another update in regards to what I've done so far in the last couple of days, and hopefully the pics can illustrate what I've achieved by adding little bits and pieces to the model overall. Just remember there is no right and wrong in regards to what you can do. And just keep a good look out when you're out and about in the shops as you don't know what you might come across, especially anything to do with making papercraft because all the little bits and pieces may come in very handy.

And I highly recommend these, as you'll be surprised what you can pick up in pound stores, as you simply push them into your green stuff.

So this guy is pretty much complete Just still to do a little bit more work in regards to his back and it will be job done.


  1. That...that is utterly brilliant. What an amazing and wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing it! Wow! Just wow.

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