Thursday, 17 May 2012

Local N.D.G.H Press Release That Showcases Our Hobby

So it's not everyday you open up your local newspaper and find this inside? but this just recently happened to me

So hot off the press this week is an article that our local newspaper did in the Bangor Spectator, and definitely paints the gaming scene in a positive light. So if you live locally make sure you pick up a copy and check it out. And hopefully at our next tournament they will be sending down a reporter to take some interviews of the players involved. So how great would that be (From NDGH Facebook)

I think moving forward this is an excellent example of how the community, can definitely become more mainstream and can be seen on par like any other hobby, competitive or casual. It just goes to show by putting yourself out there that local press is only to willing to see our game in full swing, and reported from our point of view. And if anything it makes tournaments a little bit more appealing to the average casual gamer. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Thank You As My Blog Hits The BIG 150 Members Mark

So today was the day that I woke up, and found that my blog had hit the 150 member Mark. And I must admit it hasn't exactly came quickly or easily. I think that's the problem with blogs that you really need to do them for the right reasons and seeking out fame and fortune definitely isn't the way to go, well for a blog anyway.

But in saying that it is quite an achievement and overall I'm very pleased so once again I would like to thank everyone that has joined recently it really does make all the difference.

So what's life like at 150?

Well my blog as you've probably noticed has taken a real step back in regards to my hobby life, for a number of reasons, as I've been more involved with organising the N.D.G.H locally, and, I now find I have not had the hobby time to dedicate to my first love.

So what does the future hold, well in fact my blog isn't going anywhere, in fact it's is the complete opposite. As I'm already thinking about maybe doing my own website, which I think is probably the next step for me. I'm not saying that blogs are not the way to go, I just think that with the emergence of the likes of Facebook etc it's a small painful process trying to get them up and running, although enjoyable nonetheless. And it is great looking back at you old projects and articles, you have completed.

So the journey continues and hopefully you'll stay for the ride until them once again a big thank you.
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