Sunday, 16 November 2014

My new the fly, Nurgle Maulerfiend conversion.

Looking to keep things as cheap as possible this is what I came across on eBay for the grand price of 99p, Movie Maniacs Series 3 The Fly Brundle Fly Mcfarlane, although it was missing one of its arms but that is certainly isn't going to be a problem, and and easy fix.

As always it will need a little bit of work but when finished I think it's going to look great, all to often you just see a fat blob, or something very similar when you see Nurgle conversions on the net, unless I'm mistaken I don't think I have seen it anywhere else. The theme of the fly will fit in very nicely into the nurgle fluff and give the army something that is very unique.

The model itself is just over 6 inches so I'm going to have to shorten its legs for it to walk on all 4s which isn't too much of a problem.

It might be a little bit taller than the original 40k Maulerfiend model, but overall it will be something different so might be putting myself at a little bit more of a disadvantage on the table but I don't care it looks cool.

Monday, 10 November 2014

My New Chaos Army Daemon Prince Of Nurgle Part 3

Just another update in regards to what I've done so far in the last couple of days, and hopefully the pics can illustrate what I've achieved by adding little bits and pieces to the model overall. Just remember there is no right and wrong in regards to what you can do. And just keep a good look out when you're out and about in the shops as you don't know what you might come across, especially anything to do with making papercraft because all the little bits and pieces may come in very handy.

And I highly recommend these, as you'll be surprised what you can pick up in pound stores, as you simply push them into your green stuff.

So this guy is pretty much complete Just still to do a little bit more work in regards to his back and it will be job done.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Does anybody still collect orks, or stick with one army, no matter what?

Recently I came across this on Facebook, 

Does anyone not just collect one armie any more? As they just seem to chop and change whatever is currently the best one on the market at any given time, I have been in ork player for years now, and although in 7th I've really struggled to win any games that's not the point it's definitely a challenge trying to get the best out of your codex. It just seems that everyone seems to collect everything and no one seems to focus on one thing at any given time, it's not always about winning its about the hobby is it not. So is it me or am I very much on my own and does anyone else feel like this?

I'll always play the Orkz regardless of how the local meta is. I've got 7000pts of orkz and still growing. Personally, nothing comes close to the feel, fluff and fun of the orkz. Greenskin for life! 
Watching other players constantly switch army's, plus forking out the cash for em, is hilarious to me in their attempts to stay top teir... while I stick to my boyz and continue on as I always have and have fun with the same army.... using which ever list I may be running at the time.

Monday, 3 November 2014

My New Chaos Army Daemon Prince of Nurgle part 2

So as you can see He is coming along pretty nicely, and overall I'm really pleased. This is the first time that I have use green stuff in any project on this scale. I have seen many people attempt this online but it always comes across a little bit cartoony, so right from the very start I wanted it to be as real as physically possible. And although it's hard to tell in the picture I have actually included and ogre head from WFB which will fit in quite nicely.

So one down and many more to go, and I've also won a couple more eBay auctions. So in my next post I'll let everyone know what's arrived by the post.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

My new Chaos Army Daemon Prince of Nurgle part 1

So I have finally decided to turn to the dark side, can't wait to get stuck in with some green stuff, on my new winged Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

Well my success with 7th hasn't exactly been overwhelming as I'm finding my orks quite difficult to play, so have decided to start and collect an allie, and I think chaos will fit in rather nicely. So this was my first purchase from eBay and at £20, it definitely wasn't the cheapest option but considering you got the bloodthirsty wings I think it is a good starting point.

The goals for this project or for it to be as cheap as physically possible as all the models that I buy will either be secondhand or from eBay, give or take a unit or to.

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