Wednesday, 15 June 2011

(Tutorial) How To Paint Black And White Squares On Ork Vehicles (Part 1)

(Hobby Update) Started To Paint Black And Square On My Orks Battlewagon

I have just managed to find time for another hobby update, like any ork player being able to paint black and white Square properly always comes in very handy for any project, so below you will find a couple of useful hints and tips to get you well underway.

First thing is do not use white straight out of the pot as a base coat it's better if you use a light grey to start you off as if you just use white it can stand out like a sore thumb.

So once you've decided what areas you're going to paint its time to start filling in them squares, so make sure your black paint is thin down with a little water, as you will find it easier to apply.

As you can see it's important to apply your base coat evenly and it's even better if it's a little transparent, as it all adds to the effect of the highlight

The outline does not have to be neat in some ways a little bit rough makes it look better

So there you have it in the next stage I will show you how to highlight all the little boxes, which really does make them stand out. So make sure you try and incorporate some little black-and-white boxes into your next project, as I think you'll agree nothing Look better.


  1. I'd just like to say that they look fantastic!

  2. Definitely waiting for the next phase of this. I'm doing dazzle camo on my Tau and thisis very handy.

  3. thank you guys for your kind comments part 2 it's already on the blog for you to enjoy and read


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