Friday, 29 April 2011

My Converted 40k Ork Warboss In Mega Armour Or Should I Say Warlord

First of all I should start by saying this model has been a long time coming and is probably my best work to date, and he needs no introduction.

From the outset I wanted this model to be the biggest ork I could physically fit on the tabletop, which in turn makes him the center of attention by standing out with sheer size and bulk.

below is a photograph of all the different angles of the model for you to see.

Ork Banners at present play an integral role to give character to my army overal, and when it came to his it really needed to dominate the skyline and stand out from everything else I have done recently.

So I decided more is better on this occasion with all the ork glyphs playing a major part.

Overall probably my favorite bits of the miniature so when it came to deciding what weaponry he would have welded to his armor it was quite simple, and a obvious choice from the outset.

So this last pic gives a sense of scale to the model as you can see he dominates the other two miniatures.

What I have learned
1. I really did enjoy making him and spent about 20 hours in total to finish the project over 4 days/nights
2. Be more adventurous with plastic card
3. I want to convert 3 more mega armor to form his bodyguard, all converted with Ghazghkull's model to accompany him into battle.

What I would do differently
1 Get more sleep when modeling


  1. That is awesome. Definetly the most massive ork I have ever seen! Looking forward to seeing him on the table top.

    It seems trackle Black is back to assert his authority over the upstart warbosses!

  2. definitely and it is about time to.


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