Monday, 22 August 2011

Team Northern Ireland At The ETC 2011 Day 2 (You Did Us Proud)

So the dust has finally settled on this years ETC and the final standings or up so how did our little country fare against some of the big boys, well by no means were we a pushover, and it seems that we have learned through experience of what the event is all about.

Day 2 began with game 4 Russia again another hard matchup as they and did reasonably well last year, but it wasn't enough for us to secure a win and suffered a defeat.

Game 5 Greece and a fantastic draw was achieved which was our second for the tournament which meant it all went down to last game 

Game 6 Norway I'm sure there were some nerves going into this to see whether we could obtain our first win and although reports are a bit sketchy it appears that Norway for whatever reason didn't take part in their final game, which meant that they suffered a massacre of 160 to 0 which meant that the team achieved its first win. It will be interesting when I get a chance to speak to the guys to see exactly what happened but a win is a win in my book, no matter what, and with the final results it meant that Northern Ireland over the course of the weekend lost 3 drew 2 and got their first win. Which meant that Northern Ireland achieved 20th a major improvement on last year.

So once again a big well done to everyone you did us proud.

Warhammer 40,000 Finals

1: Germany (10 pts)
2: Poland (10 pts)
3: United States (9 pts)
4: Sweden (8 pts)
5: Spain (8 pts)
6: France (8 pts)
7: Wales (8 pts)
8: England (7 pts)
9: Finland (7 pts)
10: Switzerland (7 pts)
11: Latvia (7 pts)
12: Denmark (6 pts)
13: Ireland (6 pts)
14: Belarus (5 pts)
15: Italy (5 pts)
16: Scotland (5 pts)
17: Russia (5 pts) 
18: European Union (5 pts)
19: Belgium (5 pts)
20: Northern Ireland (4 pts)
21: Czech Republic (3 pts)
22: Austria (3 pts)
23: Norway (2 pts)
24: Greece (1 pts)

From the outset, I think the team was more prepared than previous years and a lot of the credit ultimately gos to their captain, Johnny 65 for the hard work and effort that has been put into tournaments throughout the year. which gives the team the much-needed practice that they need to compete on such a level.

Also a big shout out goes to all the clubs and the players involved namely Arkam gaming centre, that makes our little scene over here go from strength to strength each year.

So where does it go from here? Get involved!!
Well the only way is up it seems this year that if you can draw in your games, you can definitely win them, which has been a problem in games at the ETC in previous years. Also our community is a lot stronger players for the first time this year have to qualify to get into the team which meant ultimately there is hunger to compete for a coveted spot, which can only be a good thing. 


  1. Good go guys. Didn't know Northern Island played Greece yesterday. I am also waiting for my mates to tell me how it went down, when they come back.

  2. it looks like we played each other in Round 5 and played out a draw for both teams.

  3. Good, no hard feelings on either side then!

  4. Great job by Team NI, a pleasure being at another ETC with them again. Their massive improvement on last year is palpable but they realise they still have work to do as do the Republic, let's hope both work together in future to improve both teams!

  5. Well deserved. I know the boys worked hard this year, congratulations!


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