Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Fully Converted and Themed Night Goblin Army 3000pts

In many ways I'm sorry to see this project go and once finished it will certainly stand out on the tabletop, all it really needs is a little touch up here and there and of course painted, but once that's is achieved, you will be the envy of your friends and your gaming group. 

It would easily be 2000+ points comfortably with just bog standard infantry on the table top. Not to mention the Warmachines, Giant, Characters and Wizards , these items could take it up to 2500/3000+ points
Below you will find a fully converted and themed Night Goblin Army. But don’t take my word for it-check out the pictures below and you can see it for yourself.

The majority of the units come with their own custom movement trays which in turn makes it a lot easier to move them around whilst playing.

The sale consists is 

4 blocks of 25 Night Goblin units- each of them have an old retro GW character. Each of them has a musician, standard bearer and champion 2 also include nets please be aware that one unit has a normal bog standard movement tray from GW.

2 blocks of 35 Night Goblins which consists of (1 of them has been converted to a battle standard) these two units have had a little bit more love! Which continues the overall feel and look of the army and they also include nets.

2 blocks of 20 short bow archers. These come with a musician.

8 snotling bases.

1 Goblin Doom Diver.

1 Rock Lobba.

2 sets of 5 Spider Riders. The unit has been converted as if crawling over rocks.

3 sets of 5 Goblin Wolf Riders. And then there are 4 Goblin Wolf Riders. Again these are converted and 
themed and 10 have already been painted as a bonus and are painted to a standard which is above table top quality.

1 Giant which would ultimately be one of the centre pieces for the army.

3 Trolls. Again these are extensively converted –please see pic as me talking about it doesn’t do it as much justice.

7 squig hoppers. This is one of my most favourite units as in the game they are brilliant.

5 Fanatics 2 of them are missing their ball and chain but don’t let that put you off you can easily pick them up on ebay for next to nothing.

2 scratch built bolt throwers.

3 metal old school sorcerers and a Goblin Warboss.

Also included is a bits box with odds and sods as you will need to replace some of the missing weapons in some of the units also the might be missing arm here or there but nothing major and hopefully these bits and pieces will help. Honesty is the best policy.

The starting price I feel is very reasonable considering the amount of time and effort that has already been put into this project and easily justifies the price so hopefully it will go to a good home.


  1. Be sad to see these guys go! But whatever it takes to get the Skaven of your dreams! :)

  2. Are these still for sale?


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