Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thank You All For 5564 Pageviews Last Month, So What Makes My Blog Different!

Another milestone today, I always think it's important to do posts like this, to thank everyone, (you the reader) for your support. And in some way's I was going to change what I originally wrote the last time, but after going over it again I decided that it pretty much said everything so enjoy.

I just thought I would take the time to thank everyone for the amount of page views last month, as I was taken back by surprise when I checked. It seems that people do blog's for different reasons, mine set out at the start to be an extension of my hobby, a way to showcase what I was currently doing and have already done, but it seems this turned out to be much more than that, from all the comments that I receive and requests for more updates it really has taken on a life of its own.

Well there's plenty of people blogging online that seemed to write endless text about codexes tactics etc, and while that seems all very well, I want my blog to be more hobby related, as well as being able to look back on the projects that I have done recently, I wasn't expecting anyone to read or see any of that, but that has been the biggest surprise because, more importantly it's turned out to be a tool for gamers to stumble across which in turn might give some help or inspiration in my own little way to the gaming community.

I suppose my blog is what I would like to see on the Internet, so if I make it in that image I know it will only go from strength to strength, and the bonus is, that you guys seem to read and enjoy it. Which makes it all worthwhile, knowing it inspires someone somewhere to do something a little bit different than everyone else.

I have still plenty of ideas and things that I want to show and share, but your support is definitely the biggest motivation for me to continue.

So once again a big Thank you.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

So Today Guess What Arrived In The Post? My Official NAF Blood Bowl Dice

So I can't wait to take them out in a game, you get a set every time you renew your yearly membership on the NAF, It's the cheapest set of Blood Bowl dice you can buy at £5.00, plus it also gives you discount when you go to NAF Blood Bowl sanctioned tournaments.

So Can I just take the time to tell everyone about the NAF. It is an international association of players dedicated to Blood Bowl - Games Workshop's game of fantasy football. NAF's goal is to act as a central resource for Blood Bowl coaches the world over - offering news, contacts, discussion, sanctioned tournaments and international player rankings. Whether you're planning to run your own tournament, looking for a league, or just wanting to catch up on the latest from the world of Blood Bowl, NAF HQ aims to provide everything you'll need. Sign up now and get a set of official NAF block dice!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How To Convert Ork Dakkajet's Update 4

So this is a new experience using my iPad for the first time on my blog. So hopefully everything goes to plan and the pictures are posted up correctly. Hopefully you can see I have managed to do a little bit more progress with my Dakkajet's, and I have managed to do something a little bit more unique. I have had the Idea of shooting bullets casing's out of the gun barrels of the planes. And overall I don't think I have seen it anywhere else, so maybe I have invented something new, But it's probably been done before long ago.

Friday, 18 January 2013

How to make 40k Desert Scenery

So it's a well-known fact that I have been neglecting my first love, my hobby blog over recent weeks. So with a little bit of time on my hands, I am going to update everyone with all the going on's and happenings in my hobby life at the minute. So with the next N.D.G.H 40k tournament on the 20th of this month, I thought it was about time that I started a new desert scenery project. 

 I have actually wanted to do this for quite some time, so hopefully it will come out all right.

Using texture paint is definitely the way to go.

So once I had finished all the hill's, I wanted to do some rock's.


So there you have it quite simple to do and hopefully by following the pictures above you can get some much-needed inspiration, and in the next update I'm going to start painting.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Proposed rules for the North Down Blood Bowl League Season 1

Good Evening Sports Fans And Welcome to the Proposed rules for the 
New North Down Blood Bowl League Season 1

In my experience to start things off it's better to have shorter seasons. If we have 4 players I'd make it a 4 game season where each team plays each other team once and then you go into the play-offs. Top four teams make the play-offs, bottom two play a consolation game. This becomes even more important if you are going to continue with the same teams for the next season.

The Blood Bowl League
Winner - 20,000 per game
All players get an MVP (5 SPP's)
Entry - The top 2 teams in the League

League Records
Most Casualties Most Touchdowns
Longest Win streak
Longest Losing Streak
Biggest Gate
Highest Winnings
Biggest Win

The Spike Magazine! Trophy
Winner - Gets +2 to Gate rolls while they hold the trophey
Player with top SPP in the league gets Fan Favourite Skill permanently
Entry - 3rd in the league play 4th

(Chaos Cup) September
Winner - D3 Random players get Mutation, Hypnotic Gaze, Stab or Regeneration
Entry - All coaches enter 1 of their sides

The Dungeonbowl (December)
Winners - Allowed to hire a Wizard for 50,000 instead of the usual 150,000
Entry - All coaches enter 1 of their sides

N.D.B.B.L Hall Of Fame
Players will be entered into the N.D.B.B Hall Of Fame when they become a Star Player reaching 26 Star Player Points

I am also keen to hear from anyone that his more experience in running a Blood Bowl league,  that can show me in the right direction.
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