Friday, 31 January 2014

It's Time for My Forge World Ork 40k Battle Fortress To Pass It's Next MOT.

Where do I start, I suppose from the very beginning. I originally got this model back in 2003 when I visited warhammer world with a friend for a doubles tournament, probably the most expensive model I have ever purchased at £185, but it was a special occasion, and that's where the story goes cold, because in all that time it has simply just been abandoned never completed by my big Mek. But recently A local rival Mek has been on the scene, building ever so bigger creations for the ork Gods. And not wanting to be upstaged, it was about time that this superheavy saw some action on the table top. Plus my war boss needed his own personal battlewagon, and hopefully this will fit the bill.

With all this talk about super heavy and escalation, it's about time that I got this bad boy to pass, it's next MOT. So over the next couple of days, I will be posting up as many pics as physically possible with all my progress. 

I've decided I am going to magnetize all the turrets, as it will make it easier in game.

It's about time I worked on the lucky guy who is going to be the driver.

This forge world model is now discontinued and are no longer available, as I at one stage was hoping this is the design that they would use when the model was updated with a plastic kit, sadly that wasn't the case.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ork Trophy And Clyphs

In my last game that I played against my arch nemesis AJ, this loota was the last one left from his unit needing a double 1 to pass a leadership test, and you can probably tell what the result was. So I thought it was about time that he got a little trophy as a present. This is one part of the hobby that I think I've got a lot better at, especially when it comes to my orks as they are so charismatic and colourful, you can easily go to town by adding these little extra touches to your army. Plus it's always good to see something that you can look back on, and have a laugh at.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My New X-wing GF9 Frozen Planet Gaming Mat Product Review.

We played my first game last night with our new GF9 mat, I must admit it really does make a difference, and my youngest son couldn't resist playing with his Lego Star Wars on it, at the end of the night. At £30 it's not exactly cheap but, I do think it add's alot more to the game. Also a quick search on the Internet and you can easily find other companies are doing similar mat's, so there is lots of alternatives online to see. I have to ask myself the question, would I recommend this one? It certainly ticks all the boxes, it's not exactly cheap as stated above, but it's made of good quality vinyl, the colour is very bright, it's, wet erasable, durable, and in full color. So all in all I would highly recommend it.

You can easily tell that he means business.

His Lego is somewhat out of scale but who cares.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Space hulk terminators dark Angels

Just thought I would take the time to showcase what I have currently been working on.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Marvel legendary, let's get 2014 off to a flying start.

I might as well start by saying this is my first post of the new year, and of course wish you all good and a positive gaming 2014. Recently I've been playing a lot of legendary, and I decided to purchase some hobby supplies and sleeving 550 cards isn't exactly fun, but definitely worth while. Plus I know it's rather expensive but I think it's worth it in the long run. I'm also thinking about at some stage picking up the 2 expansions that are already available for the game, as hopefully it will give it a little bit more depth as it is a little bit easy, at time's although whilst playing with my youngest son this isn't exactly a problem, as he can get a little bit upset if he loses.

So Job done and I must admit it really does make all the difference in regards to shuffling the cards as well as making it easier to organise them.

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