Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My Orks V The Galaxy And Repetitive Loss Injury (RLI).

I come to you suffering a bit from repetitive loss injury (RLI). I know that the Orks are a comedy race, and I do adore their comedy stylings, excellent models and daft background, but I’m finding that it is difficult for me to do well on the tabletop. I am starting to become a little tired of putting down a fair whack of boys, losing all of them, and having to rely totally upon powerklaws scattered throughout the units. Any army with lots of vehicles (which is basically most armies) present a very particular problem for me. 

My typical list is something of the 

Typically, the boyz mobs evaporate, the gretchin seem to survive more often than they should, and the fast attack units tend to fail to do damage at critical points. I’ve learned that bikes are not actually a melee unit, which has helped their usage. But very often I am relying very heavily upon things that aren't dependable and all too often let me down.

So, what should I be going for?

It's not as if I don't have the models because that's not the case, it's just seems to be the strategies that I use are at times very repetitive and I'm sure for my opponents simple to work out, namely deploying a lot of boys and move them as quickly as possible to the enemy. Only to have them shot to bits, over a couple of turns, at times it really is that simple. At tournaments I can hold my own although losing to the same old culprits like us all It seems that I have almost ran out of ideas. But then it makes winning all the more satisfying when I do.

So is it time for a new Codex? 

I suppose the answer is yes and no, as I think the current book still has lots of potential so in many ways I think it's getting back to basics. Something that ork players shouldn't find too difficult.

So do you suffer from the same problem?


  1. Orks are unfortunately the Codex nobody seems to know how to do right. Each iteration dilutes their very cool and deep backstory further, until they are simply 'born to fight horde' and this winds up being reflected in their rules. They don't have a broad range of options because of that theme, heck as a 1-5e Ork player I've seen them go through so many revisions it's a wonder I even bother with them any more. Fact is, they'll always be second fiddle to anything the design studio 'likes' at the moment. There's no real consideration to making them as balanced a book as the other ones, and the dearth of options they have vs. other books just hilights the lack of attention they get. People will tell you the're competitive, but only one or two builds are truly that competitive (as you've found) and that lack of customizability from a race that is known for its adaption and 'slap some rivets on it' is kind of sad. So these days I put a list together that I'll have fun with, hope to tie a game, and just sit back and have fun watching my Little Engines that Waaagh as I boost the egos of my opponents. We'll see what the next edition rulebook does, but I'd rather wait like 3+ codexes in before they hit the Orks up, that way the 'cheese wave' will hopefully wash over them and give them some great toys.

  2. Tom,

    Remember the top ranked player in Ireland is an ork player and hes scored a perfect 400 score, so they must be winnable (Taking his level of scoring against top players), so you should beable to win games.

    He seems to do well with boys / lootas and kans, or just masses of boys / lootas.

    So there are ways to play them and win alot.

  3. I only played Orks for a short while during third edition and got away from them when plastic Cadians came out, but I still very much admire Orks from a hobby perspective. I know every time I start a new force there is a period where I have to cut my teeth on them, that holds true even with my Space Marine armies, during this "learning time" I have abandoned more than one project only to pick it up later. The main thing to focus on is whether or not your having fun with the attempt. Something to help you out specifically might be to switch the armament on your Killa Kans, I love the custom Big Shootas but Rokkits might alleviate some of your enemy armor issues, the extra ballistic skill of a Killa Kan really helps. Tuck them into the middle of your battle line and they should give you a leg up when dealing with enemy transports and light armor. I hope that was some help to you and keep up the good work on your blog and your minis. You can check my blog out at:
    Stay Thirsty!


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