Friday, 27 January 2012

Help Beating Grey Knights With Orks To Win

I recently came across some tips and tactics around the Internet and I thought I would put them to good use by posting the best ones that I came across. Grey Knights are an elite army which can make them seem over powered but it also gives them some glaring weaknesses. 

Due to their elite nature they will always have far fewer squads than us orks. This means they can only shoot at so many targets per turn and if they want their squads to support each other they will have to concentrate their forces in a single area of the board.

Some tips I learned the hard way:
  • Don't let them charge you. Run away if you have to. The only exception to this rule is if you're setting a trap by sacrificing a unit to get a GK squad in a kill zone.
  • Accept the fact that you're going to lose a lot of units early on. Have redundancy!
  • Deffkoptas -> Dreadnoughts; Sprint them into range to give them cover then let rip. If they target your Koptas they're not targeting your transports, which is what you want anyway.
  • If they're sitting in Rhinos shooting your boys, assault them by circling the transport completely. If you wreck it then his units won't be able to disembark because of the 1 inch rule and they'll die. Fight cheese with cheese!
  • Concentrate your violence on single units. Pick a unit and focus all your shooting on it, then assault it with at least 2-3 units of your own. Never go one-on-one with an elite arm
  • Take out the transports first! the msu style lists rely on getting where they need to go in the safety of the tanks. using lootas for this.
  • After the transports are popped, the most important thing to do is to get real close and hit him in cc. try not to hit the purifiers unless they have been reduced to less than 5 guys. at that point, even the half of your squad thats left can take them. 
  • Rifleman dreads can largely be ignored unless you play a tank heavy list, they will take out about 17 orks each if they have something to shoot at the whole game; so you need to hit them in cc by turn 3 at the latest.
  • Draigo wing is a little trickier. boys are not your best bet here at all. meganobz fair slightly better if they survive. the most effective thing i have found is to focus 3 full squads of lootas into them for a couple rounds before charging. in other words make them roll ones. burnas in a battle wagon might also work, but i haven't been able to try it out yet.
  • Also having a couple 30 man squads really help as they act like a hammer that even a squad of purifiers could have trouble with.
The bottomline is that there is strength in numbers so target all your efforts into one thing and hopefully it will pay dividends when it comes to the end of the game.


  1. I recently saw a 30man ork boy unit decimate a unit of 5 paladins in close combat... the paladins scattered a little too close and the boyz just rushed in... I don't care who you are, no one can withstand the sheer violence of 100+ attacks!!!

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  3. Grey knights is definitely a challenge for Orks. We have a couple of battle reports on my blog with GK(Me) against Orks(My buddy) and he hasn't been able to beat me yet.


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