Saturday, 10 March 2012

War On The Shore 40K Tournament Scenery Work In Progress Update

First things first sorry about the lack of posts recently but trying to organise my first tournament isn't exactly giving me a lot of spare time to spend on my blog, so with that in mind I thought it was about time to do a quick post, on what I have been working on.

As promised these are the first pics that we have taken of some of the scenery, that I have been working on behind the scenes to get ready for the tournament. All 12 tables will have a minimum of 25% of fully painted scenery.

We're not too sure what this is going to represent possibly a destroyed factory of some sorts

I'm a great fan of using texture paint as I think it definitely works and can be done quickly.

Some of our new jungle scenery that I an currently working on and I think they will look great.

So there you have it short and sweet hopefully over the next couple of days I will get round to doing a little bit more but in the meantime enjoy.

Also if you live locally in Ireland North or South make sure you hit the link on the left-hand side of my blog to the tournament itself as you would be more than welcome to attend and say hello.

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