Thursday, 25 December 2014

How To Make 3D Dungeon Tiles for D&D Warhammer Quest, Advanced HeroQuest, Or Any Dungeon Crawler.

Over recent weeks the boys and I have been playing a lot more Hero quest recently, and we decided to do something a little bit different which will hopefully give our dungeon crawling a little bit more of the 3D dimension. So as always the project needs to be as cheap as physically possible as I was originally going to pick up a game of advanced hero quest on eBay but considering that they are priced at £75+ It's a little bit over my budget. I've decided that I'm simply going to make my own out of the materials that I can either get in work or I have lying around the house.

Now it's the best bit of the hoddy for me, looking around the Internet to see what inspiration I can get and there is so many people doing such great things.

To start the materials that you will need is call foamboard, it is available from any good hobbyist or a craft shops near you, cut out to the appropriate size of corridors and rooms you want, remove one side of the paper side on the foamboard which will hopefully show the polystyrene underneath, to get the texture simply get a Garden stone and rocket back and forward on the formboard and it will give you the texture that you're looking for that will make your tiles to stand out on you table.

The next step with the ruler is the mark your squares, and it's pretty much job done. just remember it doesn't necessarily have to be the neatest as it all adds character.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

40k Chaos Spawns Mark of Nurgle Conversions.

More slow but steady progress with my chaos army this week, and not willing to spend any money to buy the official models themselves, I decided to see if I could convert my own with little bits and pieces from my hobby collection. They are pretty self explanatory some nids bits and pieces and WFB goblin spider riders, and it's pretty much job done. So by experimenting a little with the stuff that you have lying around in your collection it just goes to show what can be achieved and much-needed inspiration and until next time enjoy.

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