Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How To Make Trees From Green Scrubber Pads

So with a tournament on the horizon I have been spending a lot more time making scenery, and this is currently one of the projects that I have been working on and overall I must admit it's came out rather well.

Well first things first it's the most simplest thing you can ever do, 

1. Simply go to a supermarket and get yourself some green scrubber pads, their cheap and effective.

2. Go into your garden and get some sticks.

3. Cut up your pads into various sizes

4. With a pencil punch a hole through the centre of each pad, then slide them up the sticks keeping the smaller bits to the top, after all it is supposed to look like a tree.

And there you have it as simple as that,below you will see some pictures of the work in progress.

Because I was doing mine as a ice world I painted textured paint over them to make it look like snow.

So there you have it hopefully it will give you some inspiration to do your own.
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