Saturday, 30 July 2011

My Conversions Wazdakka Gutsmek (Painted)

So with another tournament happening next week at Arkham gaming centre it was only a matter of time to take My Wazdakka Gutsmekout for a spin. The model itself was done a few years ago and as you can see by the pictures I still need to do a little bit more work to do before it's finished and ready for the tabletop at next week's tournament.

you will probably no doubt be familiar in regards to what models I used to convert him

Gutsmek himself was a little bit more difficult to do using a old metal war boss which isn't the easiest model to fit on a bike, but nonetheless with a little bit of effort it was easy to get around

also I have recently added exhausts which I'm going to paint very soon as I think it needed a little bit more exaggeration in regards to speed, and I think overall it works quite well.

and finally another close-up pic of his weapons i.e. 2 twin linked Gatlin guns to represent his shooting firepower. I do not have a lot of experience playing with a war boss on a bike so hopefully things turn out for the best. and with 4 strength 8 24" rockets at his disposal it sounds good to me, and also being able to fire after he Turbo boosts it definitely good , not to mention his mega blaster.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Ork Dred Bash 1750pts So Here It Is My Tournament Army (PICS)

Just recently came across these pictures and I thought I would share them with yourselves, all of them were taken a few years ago at a tournament I attended at Q con in 2009.

So here it is in all its glory and there's nothing more satisfying when playing in tournaments when you start to deploy your army and see the hard work that you've put in pays off. It all seems so worthwhile from start to finish, and hopefully motivates others to do the same.

So below is the list that I took and over all it was quite effective on the tabletop and finishing 9th which overall wasn't too bad a result, I made loads of mistakes when playing but that's just the way it goes.

Mek with KFF
Mek with KFF
12 lootas
12 lootas
Deff Dread Dreadnought 2 skorcha
Deff Dread Dreadnought 2 skorcha
30 shoota boyz, nob PK
30 shoota boyz, nob PK
30 shoota boyz, nob PK
Killercan 3 grotzooka
Killercan 3 grotzooka
Killercan 3 grotzooka
Total 1750pts

Overall the project took about three and a half months to complete from start to finish no easy task, mainly painting in my spare time in the evening after work

I think from the start of the project, colour was very important as it's very easy to distinguish between all the different units something that can become very difficult in tournament play.
Overall I'm very pleased the way it has turned out it has lots of colour and conversions which really do make the difference.

So next is the big boys themselves, and I've always thought that there would be a lot of rivalry between the two of them trying to get the attention of the war boss

No Dred Bash would be complete with out 2 Dred eagerly marching to war.

In most recent years you do not get to see dread bash as kan wall seems to be more widely used

I was really pleased the way the yellow came out as it can be a tricky colour to do properly the way I do mine started off with a dark brown colour and then mix yellow gradually.

The display board hopefully I'll cover in another post sometime in the future as it was done a few years prior, but as you can see it's definitely home for the boys.

So hopefully you have been inspired.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Building A Better Waaagh Banner (Part 2)

Waaagh Banners lie at the heart of ork society and no war boss would ever leave home without one. It's a symbol of status within the clans that the war boss dominates, and only the most brave and battle hardened ork nobs would ever have such a privilege. Remember he would be constantly challenged for the privilege by others. So he needs to be Big.

So to that effect it was only right that when I came round to finish him, I look to do something a little bit different when it came to this model, and because I've used the old metal war boss model he that much bigger in size than the normal ork Nob he after all is a war boss in waiting.

I did try and make his left arm using bits from the nob box set without to much success, so when it came to it a mega-armour nob arm was stolen and definitely adds size to the model.

His other arm was more trickier task so I used an ogre one that I had lying around you can just about see his muscles as he is carrying his banner.

When doing your own don't be afraid to add little bits and pieces to make it unique as it all adds character to your model. Something that you want to try and do which in turn makes him stand out and lets others know that he's not to be messed with.

Also don't stop there things can easily be added in the future when you play your games. there's nothing better than taunting your opponent with some newly added trophies.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Tool For Quickly Creating Army Rosters BattleScribe 1.11.01b Released

I thought this might be of interest it's a very handy tool and I use it myself so download it and have a go. BattleScribe is a tool for quickly creating army rosters for your favourite wargames. It calculates your points total and lets you know whether or not your choices are valid, and then allows you to view a useful summary of your roster including profiles and rules.
The new version of BattleScribe is here (both for the desktop and mobile), and this one has a couple of really nice updates.

Firstly, it can now handle different "game types" that can have alternate category layouts and min/maxes. This means you can create rosters for variations of games, such as Planetstrike for Warhammer 40,000 where the force organisation chart is different from the standard.

A second major improvement is in the loading times of data files. This mainly helps in the mobile version, where loading times could be minutes for big files (!).

One more I'd like to mention is the addition of affiliate links to the toolbar. These are shortcuts to some of the more popular on-line stores, so you can go and make purchases for your army. Anything you buy via one of these links earns a small percentage of the sale for BattleScribe. Hopefully if this proves popular/useful, I can improve this so that the selections you make for your army will show up in the store's shopping basket/cart when you click through. This will take collaboration with the stores though, so it would have to prove worth it for them - i.e. enough sales via these links. The idea is to make this as useful for users as possible, and not just a cynical money-making exercise...

Anyway, enough of my babble, here's the full list of changes:
  • Support for different game types, e.g. Apocalypse or Planetstrike. This is added to the Game System file.
  • Performance improvements when reading data files. This should help especially for BattleScribe Mobile loading times.
  • Rosters will now update to reflect changes (e.g. points fixes) in catalogue/game system files when you open them.
  • Copy as BBCode option in View Roster dialog. It's the normal text output wrapped in a BBCode "code" tag, meaning it will keep it's indentation in forum posts.
  • Added affiliate links to several on-line stores so it's convenient to go and make purchases for your army. Purchases made through these links make a few bucks for BattleScribe.
  • BattleScribe will notify you if there is a new version available, and provide a link to download it.
  • Data indexer will ensure data files are in the latest file format, and that they are zipped before creating the index.
  • File size drastically reduced - I've gone back to using XML attributes wherever possible instead of elements, and removed indentation.
  • Fixed bug where min/max selections of root entries wasn't being ignored, meaning you sometimes couldn't remove root selections.
  • Fixed bug where error "You can have at most -x selections from y" was always shown for collective entries.
  • Various UI tweeks.

And a couple more, just for BattleScribe Mobile:
  • Added a "Save As" menu item, so you can save copies of the list.
  • Added a "first run" screen with some information on data files: where to get them and how to use them.
  • The screen will no-longer go to sleep when long-running tasks are happening, such as when it's loading files or updating the file format.
  • Improvements to some of the "loading" screens so they give a little more information and the animation always works.
  • Warning: BattleScribe Mobile can take quite a while updating your data files to the new format - especially if you have a lot of them. Be patient! Once it's done it won't have to do it again. An alternative would be to delete your data files and replace them with ones you've already upgraded.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

1750pts Competitive 6 Ork Battlewagon list (ETC Style)

Over the last few weeks I have been playing battlewagon orks and I'm going to another tournament in August, at Arkam gaming centre in Northern Ireland.

Below is an old photograph of my battlewagon that I did a few years ago

also AJ do you remember the game LOL

And as always trying to find the best possible list for the points no easy task but I think I'm getting their so have a look below and make sure to leave some comments on what use think.


Big Mek Choppa, Kustom Force Field

Warboss Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Warbike


2X3 Meganob (1) Kombi Shoota-Scorcha (1) Kombi Shoota-Rokkit Launcha, Battle Wagon Big Shoota, Deff Rolla


1X3 Meganob(1) Kombi Shoota-Scorcha (1) Kombi Shoota-Rokkit Launcha, Battle Wagon Big Shoota, Deff Rolla

1x17x Boy Shootas Nob Bosspole, Power Klaw

2X17x Slugga & Choppa Nob Bosspole, Power Klaw

11x Gretchin (1) Runt Herder Grabba Stikk

Heavy Support

1xBattle Wagon (1) Big Shoota,

2X Battle Wagon (1) Big Shoota, (1) Deff Rolla

Pts 1749

So what makes this list different well for a start it includes 6 battlewagons at its disposal and 5 scoring units that can successfully hold objectives, also includes a war boss on bike which I think will give me the edge late in the game

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Building A Better Waaagh Banner (Part 1)

Just a quick we update and apologies about picture quality

Waaagh Banners are a very important role within ork society, and only the strongest and biggest will ever have the opportunity to carry it into battle. Which made me think size is very important when it comes to nobs so it's only natural to assume that the biggest would ever carry such a banner.

As the nob box set doesn't give you one the natural option was for me to include the old metal style which is a timeless classic.

Also to include the old metal war boss as he is bigger than the plastic nobs from the box set he really does stand out amongst the crowd.

He is actually my old war boss that I have converted, his arms were very tricky to do as they need to be bigger which in turn gives him overall bulk,
so I used plastic ogre arms that I had lying around and overall I think they've turned out very well.

He's also probably going to be equipped with the power claw on his left arm although I still haven't decided exactly how I am going to do it.

Make sure you leave some comments and suggestions
if you have any idea and what you would like to see?

Friday, 8 July 2011

ETC 2011 Team Poland, Italy, Grease, Ork Lists Review (Part 1)

So this year's lists have been posted up for this year's ETC and orks have taken centre stage with most of the teams entering this years tournament. So I'm going to post up all the ork players lists and do a quick review in what I think they're taking and how effective they will be on the tabletop there seems to be a big change this year.

So to see all of the teams lists for this year ETC checkout this link

PLAYER 2: Piotr "Emeryt" Jaworski

HQ1 : Warboss, Bike, Power Klaw, Cybork Body, Attack Squig, Kombi-Skorcha [155pts]
HQ2 : Big Mek, Kombi-Rokkit (5pts), Kustom Force Field (50pts), Ammo Runt (3pts) [93pts]
Troop 1 : 30 Slugga Boyz (180pts), 2xRokkit Launcha (20pts), Nob (10) with Power Klaw (25pts), Bosspole (5pts), Rokkit Launcha (10pts) [250pts]
Troop 2 : 30 Slugga Boyz (180pts), 2xRokkit Launcha (20pts), Nob (10) with Power Klaw (25pts), Bosspole (5pts), Rokkit Launcha (10pts) [250pts]
Troop 3 : 30 Slugga Boyz (180pts), 2xRokkit Launcha (20pts), Nob (10) with Power Klaw (25pts), Bosspole (5pts), Rokkit Launcha (10pts) [250pts]
Troop 4 : 30 Shoota Boyz (180pts), 2xRokkit Launcha (20pts), Nob (10) with Power Klaw (25pts), Bosspole (5pts), Rokkit Launcha (10pts) [250pts]
Troop 5 : 25 Shoota Boyz (150pts), Rokkit Launcha (10pts), Nob (10) with Power Klaw (25pts), Bosspole (5pts), Rokkit Launcha (10pts) [210pts]
Troop 6 : 10 Gretchin (30pts), Runtherd (10pts) [40pts]
HS1: 3 Big Gunz (60pts), 3xLobba (15pts), 3xAmmo Runt (9pts) [84pts]
HS2: 3 Big Gunz (60pts), 3xLobba (15pts), 3xAmmo Runt (9pts) [84pts]
HS3: 3 Big Gunz (60pts), 3xLobba (15pts), 3xAmmo Runt (9pts) [84pts]
TOTAL [1750pts]

So last year's winners have decided to come back and this list's shows no signs of softening. It looks like it's designed against infantry with 9xLobba at its disposal, overall a very well rounded list putting a extreme amount of boys on the tabletop.

TEAM : Italy
Player 6: Alessandro "Settra" Leto Colombo

HQ1: Warboss (60) Mega-armour (40) Powerclaw (0) Twin-Linked Shoota (0) Cybork Body (10) Bosspole (5) [115]
HQ2: Big Mek (35) Kustom Force Field (50) BossPole(5) [90]
Elite1: 4 Mega Nobz (40*4)1 Combi scorcha (5) 1 Combi Rokita (5) in Transport 1 [170]
Troop1: 4 Mega Nobz (40*4)1 Combi scorcha (5) in Transport 2 [165]
Troop2: 17 boyz (17*6) Nob (10) Powerklaw (25) Bosspole (5) [142]
Troop3: 17 boyz (17*6) Nob (10) Powerklaw (25) Bosspole (5) [142]
Troop4: 11 boyz (11*6) Nob (10) Powerklaw (25) Bosspole (5) in Transport 3 [106]
FA1: 3 Warbuggie Rokit (3 * [30+5]) [105]
FA2: 3 Warbuggie Rokit (3 * [30+5]) [105]
FA3: 2 Warbuggie Rokit (2 * [30+5]) [70]
H1: Battlewagon (90) BigShoota (5) Rolla(20) Riggers(5) [120]
H2: Battlewagon (90) BigShoota (5) Rolla(20) Riggers(5) [120]
Transport 1: Battlewagon (90) BigShoota (5) Rolla (20) Riggers (5) Armour Plate (10) Elite1 [130]
Transport 2: Battlewagon (90) BigShoota (5) Rolla (20) Riggers (5) Armour Plate (10) Troop1[130]
Transport 3: Trukk (35) Reinforced Ram (5) Troop4 [40]
Total [1750]

There's something about this list that I like namely the amount of battlewagons included in it at five this is a healthy number also managing to squeeze in 8 warbuggies it can go head-to-head with most armoured vehicles although the only thing that concerns me is its elites generally I find 3 mega nobs is more than sufficient so including more mightn't necessarily get you anything above what 3 could get you in regards to combat.


PLAYER: Milosz Dziembowski

HQ1: Warboss [60] power klaw [25], Kombi Skorcha [5], Cyborg Body [10], 'eavy armour [5] 105pts
HQ2: Big Mek [35] KFF [50] 85pts
Troop 1: 30 Choppa&sluga Boyz [30x6], 1x Nob [10] power klaw [25], bosspole [5], 3x rokkit launcha [3x10] 250pts
Troop 2: 30 Choppa&sluga Boyz [30x6], 1x Nob [10] power klaw [25], bosspole [5], 3x rokkit launcha [3x10] 250pts
Troop 3: 30 Choppa&sluga Boyz [30x6], 1x Nob [10] power klaw [25], bosspole [5], 3x rokkit launcha [3x10] 250pts
Troop 4: 30 Choppa&sluga Boyz [30x6], 1x Nob [10] power klaw [25], bosspole [5], 2x rokkit launcha [3x10] 250pts
Troop 5: 11 10x Gretchin [10x3], 1x Runtherd [10] 40pts
Troop 6: 11 10x Gretchin [10x3], 1x Runtherd [10] 40pts
Elite1: 5 Lootas [5x15] 5x deffgun 75pts
Elite2: 5 Lootas [5x15] 5x deffgun 75pts
Elite3: 5 Lootas [5x15] 5x deffgun 75pts
HS1: 4 Big Gunz 3 x Lobba [3x25], 3 Ammo Runts [3x3], 1x additional grot [3] 87pts
HS2: 3 Big Gunz 3 x Lobba [3x25], 3 Ammo Runts [3x3] 84pts
HS3: 3 Big Gunz 3 x Lobba [3x25], 3 Ammo Runts [3x3] 84pts
TOTAL 1749pt

Another list similar to Poland in regards to their heavy support choices plus adding 15 Lootas gives it a much-needed punch at long-distance which probably makes it a better list in my opinion. So there's also a ? In regards to whether or not you need a warboss as it seems to be quite defensive in style maybe you could spend the points elsewhere possibly adding more Lootas.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

How to convert your Nobs to give them the Waagh! factor

Next Project-My Nobs!

Surprisingly this is the first time that I have ever converted and assembled Nobs in such quantity. And it has to be said that their box set from GW is one of the best available for versatility

So as you can see this is a group shot of the big man himself , the banners give them all some sense of individuality as they directly come from their units once they have become too big to handle!

From the outset I wanted them to be big, bold and beefy! After all they are supposed to be top of the food chain and by the looks of it they are pretty well fed.

As you can see I have glued 2p to their bases to give them more weight see my tutorial.

The one above used an old storm boy nob's head with a face plate glued onto it

Basically with such a project you want to incorporate something unique and in also stands out. You can easily pick up Black reach Nobs on ebay and with simply chopping off arms etc and slight conversions you can easily expand your unit with the bits that are left over from the Nob box set.
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