Thursday, 21 July 2011

Building A Better Waaagh Banner (Part 2)

Waaagh Banners lie at the heart of ork society and no war boss would ever leave home without one. It's a symbol of status within the clans that the war boss dominates, and only the most brave and battle hardened ork nobs would ever have such a privilege. Remember he would be constantly challenged for the privilege by others. So he needs to be Big.

So to that effect it was only right that when I came round to finish him, I look to do something a little bit different when it came to this model, and because I've used the old metal war boss model he that much bigger in size than the normal ork Nob he after all is a war boss in waiting.

I did try and make his left arm using bits from the nob box set without to much success, so when it came to it a mega-armour nob arm was stolen and definitely adds size to the model.

His other arm was more trickier task so I used an ogre one that I had lying around you can just about see his muscles as he is carrying his banner.

When doing your own don't be afraid to add little bits and pieces to make it unique as it all adds character to your model. Something that you want to try and do which in turn makes him stand out and lets others know that he's not to be messed with.

Also don't stop there things can easily be added in the future when you play your games. there's nothing better than taunting your opponent with some newly added trophies.

1 comment:

  1. Quote "Theres nothing better than taunting your opponent with some newly added trophies"...

    Maybe this should read: "Theres nothing better than taunting AJ with some Imperial Guard Trophies"...

    Nice work though. He's looking really cool. The orks keep getting bigger and bigger.


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