Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Fully Converted and Themed Night Goblin Army 3000pts

In many ways I'm sorry to see this project go and once finished it will certainly stand out on the tabletop, all it really needs is a little touch up here and there and of course painted, but once that's is achieved, you will be the envy of your friends and your gaming group. 

It would easily be 2000+ points comfortably with just bog standard infantry on the table top. Not to mention the Warmachines, Giant, Characters and Wizards , these items could take it up to 2500/3000+ points
Below you will find a fully converted and themed Night Goblin Army. But don’t take my word for it-check out the pictures below and you can see it for yourself.

The majority of the units come with their own custom movement trays which in turn makes it a lot easier to move them around whilst playing.

The sale consists is 

4 blocks of 25 Night Goblin units- each of them have an old retro GW character. Each of them has a musician, standard bearer and champion 2 also include nets please be aware that one unit has a normal bog standard movement tray from GW.

2 blocks of 35 Night Goblins which consists of (1 of them has been converted to a battle standard) these two units have had a little bit more love! Which continues the overall feel and look of the army and they also include nets.

2 blocks of 20 short bow archers. These come with a musician.

8 snotling bases.

1 Goblin Doom Diver.

1 Rock Lobba.

2 sets of 5 Spider Riders. The unit has been converted as if crawling over rocks.

3 sets of 5 Goblin Wolf Riders. And then there are 4 Goblin Wolf Riders. Again these are converted and 
themed and 10 have already been painted as a bonus and are painted to a standard which is above table top quality.

1 Giant which would ultimately be one of the centre pieces for the army.

3 Trolls. Again these are extensively converted –please see pic as me talking about it doesn’t do it as much justice.

7 squig hoppers. This is one of my most favourite units as in the game they are brilliant.

5 Fanatics 2 of them are missing their ball and chain but don’t let that put you off you can easily pick them up on ebay for next to nothing.

2 scratch built bolt throwers.

3 metal old school sorcerers and a Goblin Warboss.

Also included is a bits box with odds and sods as you will need to replace some of the missing weapons in some of the units also the might be missing arm here or there but nothing major and hopefully these bits and pieces will help. Honesty is the best policy.

The starting price I feel is very reasonable considering the amount of time and effort that has already been put into this project and easily justifies the price so hopefully it will go to a good home.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Team Northern Ireland At The ETC 2011 Day 2 (You Did Us Proud)

So the dust has finally settled on this years ETC and the final standings or up so how did our little country fare against some of the big boys, well by no means were we a pushover, and it seems that we have learned through experience of what the event is all about.

Day 2 began with game 4 Russia again another hard matchup as they and did reasonably well last year, but it wasn't enough for us to secure a win and suffered a defeat.

Game 5 Greece and a fantastic draw was achieved which was our second for the tournament which meant it all went down to last game 

Game 6 Norway I'm sure there were some nerves going into this to see whether we could obtain our first win and although reports are a bit sketchy it appears that Norway for whatever reason didn't take part in their final game, which meant that they suffered a massacre of 160 to 0 which meant that the team achieved its first win. It will be interesting when I get a chance to speak to the guys to see exactly what happened but a win is a win in my book, no matter what, and with the final results it meant that Northern Ireland over the course of the weekend lost 3 drew 2 and got their first win. Which meant that Northern Ireland achieved 20th a major improvement on last year.

So once again a big well done to everyone you did us proud.

Warhammer 40,000 Finals

1: Germany (10 pts)
2: Poland (10 pts)
3: United States (9 pts)
4: Sweden (8 pts)
5: Spain (8 pts)
6: France (8 pts)
7: Wales (8 pts)
8: England (7 pts)
9: Finland (7 pts)
10: Switzerland (7 pts)
11: Latvia (7 pts)
12: Denmark (6 pts)
13: Ireland (6 pts)
14: Belarus (5 pts)
15: Italy (5 pts)
16: Scotland (5 pts)
17: Russia (5 pts) 
18: European Union (5 pts)
19: Belgium (5 pts)
20: Northern Ireland (4 pts)
21: Czech Republic (3 pts)
22: Austria (3 pts)
23: Norway (2 pts)
24: Greece (1 pts)

From the outset, I think the team was more prepared than previous years and a lot of the credit ultimately gos to their captain, Johnny 65 for the hard work and effort that has been put into tournaments throughout the year. which gives the team the much-needed practice that they need to compete on such a level.

Also a big shout out goes to all the clubs and the players involved namely Arkam gaming centre, that makes our little scene over here go from strength to strength each year.

So where does it go from here? Get involved!!
Well the only way is up it seems this year that if you can draw in your games, you can definitely win them, which has been a problem in games at the ETC in previous years. Also our community is a lot stronger players for the first time this year have to qualify to get into the team which meant ultimately there is hunger to compete for a coveted spot, which can only be a good thing. 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Team Northern Ireland At The ETC 2011 Day 1

For those that don't already know over the course of this weekend is the European Team Championships in both warhammer and 40k which in turn sees, some of the best players from countries all over the world competing to become champions. 

Although reports for our own team are a bit sketchy at the minute it appears that in our first game against Austria we managed a very reasonable draw which was a fantastic result considering we have never won a complete round at the ETC before, so I'm sure Johnny and the guys will be very pleased.

In game 2 it appears that we have been up against a lot tougher opponent being Sweden which unfortunately meant it looks like we lost. 

In game 3 we were paired up against European team since there was an odd number of teams taking part players volunteered to form another team to fill in the gap, again it looks like this stage we took another loss. 

Below is the standings after day 1 and by no means are we last

1. Germany 6 (+184)
2. Poland 6 (+144)
3. Sweden 5 (+162)
4. Italy 5 (+68)
5. USA 4 (+100)
6. Spain 4 (+46)
7. England 4 (+40)
8. Latvia 4 (+34)
9. Wales 4 (+20)
10. France 4 (-6)
11. Czech Republic 3 (+36)
12. Euro Merc Team 3 (0)
13. Switzerland 3 (-10)
14. Belgium 3 (-28)
15. Republic of Ireland 3 (-58)
16. Denmark 2 (-12)
17. Scotland 2 (-16)
18. Finland 2 (-56)
19. Norway 2 (-94)
20. Belarus 1 (-38)
21. Austria 1 (-52)
22. Northern Ireland 1 (-144)
23. Greece 0 (-180)
24. Russia 0 (-1140)

That was pretty much the end of day 1 pairings for day 2 were already posted up at the close of play and it looks like Russia is next. 

Hopefully today Team NI get off to a good start with Russia and who knows even possibly get our first round win, that in itself would mean so much to the guys, and hopefully compensate all the hard work and effort that they have put in over recent months and weeks, after all were not Brazil we are Northern Ireland.

Friday, 19 August 2011

How To Make A Wargaming Table Part 1

All too often I see people spending the majority of their hobby time engrossed in their armies and seem to forget or have no interest in regards to the scenery and the table that they play on, week in week out, which is a real shame.

The majority of hobbyists focus completely on their army forgetting about one of the most important bits. Namely, their wargaming tabletop, without it no matter how good your army looks it will no doubt not show its true potential unless you have made some sort of effort in regards to your table. After all, the majority of your time whilst you play will probably be on a table of some description. So, it's only right that you allocate a little bit of time to get it right.

Below is the next project that I hope to undertake and like I do most of the time before starting I spent a little time doing some research in regards to exactly what I want to achieve, and the end product to be.

It is not a freestanding table and will need to be able to be packed away
Easily transported
Durable i.e. to last a long time
Provide enough space to play on as well as storing little bits and pieces like dice and models
Also have its own feet so it can be taken to clubs etc

As you are probably aware, after a few quick searches on the internet, you will no doubt find some really good articles and suggestions by other hobbyists and gamers in regards to exactly what they have done and achieved with their own projects.

First up is definitely worth checking out and is exactly what I want to achieve

Next is a really good article by

So with all that in mind I've sketched a few ideas with pencil and paper to brainstorm. I think I'm going to use MDF in 2x2 tiles for the table itself as it seems to work quite well as material and it's very affordable, which in turn will be held together with little pins so that the tiles do not move around.

Next is the shell that will go around the table and provide support as seen in the video above. I've also documented the material that I think I will need, so when I go to purchase at a store it will be easier to have all the measurements that I need close to hand.

This is a side view of what will go around the table and hopefully will add much-needed support to the tiles whilst I play my games.

And finally below you can see what will go around one side of the table to provide space to put models dice etc whilst playing, for me it's very important as all too often things on the tabletop the come very messy.

Finally a birds eye view in the bottom bit of the picture, I have decided that it may need some slats that will go under the tiles to add strength when playing.

So there you have it, an ambitious project yes-but definitely feasible and something I'm looking forward to very much as it has been a long time in the planning.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Old School Ork Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun (Conversion)

To start off it is not very difficult to do and you can easily come across the old school Shokk Attack Gun on eBay, for a couple of £s, and overall it works very well considering it didn't take very do

the guns themselves were very simple and straightforward simply adding some more up-to-date bits and pieces that were lying around makes them look so much better.

from this angle you can easily see that the Shokk Attack Gun is resting on the nob shoulder which was easily achieved with a little bit of filing and cutting.

I also wanted to come across as if they were walking looking for their next target instead of being very stationary and static on the battlefield, something I think that has worked very well.

it also can be a bit disappointing when I see other people's miniature and they have completely forgot about their base, by spending a little more time it gives you a models a little bit of a more 3D feel, , after all no one wants to see green grass on its own.

so there you have it another project done and completed hopefully I shall start painting very very soon and in time will post up some pics, so until them.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Only Way Is Up After The Arkham 40k Tournament

So over the weekend I went to another tournament and unfortunately came last, with a mixed bag of results, so I find myself asking the question why and where did it all go so wrong, I think from the very start I felt that the list I was taking wasn't right, I can only describe it as overcooked it tried too hard to do too many things which in the end made me pay in most of my games. Also having no firepower at my disposal definitely was a major weakness.

Below is the list that I took and although 6 battlewagons looks good on paper on the tabletop where it counts it really did struggle.

HQ [1] Wazdakka Gutsmek (180pts)
once again he looks good on paper but he struggled all weekend with his shooting overall definitely a major mistake over and normal war boss on bike

HQ [2] Big Mek Choppa, Kustom Force Field (50pts) [85pts]

Elite [1] Meganobz (40*3), combi-skorcha (5) [125] in transport 1

Elite [2] Meganobz (40*3), combi-skorcha (5) [125] in transport 2

Elite [3] Meganobz (40*3), combi-skorcha (5) [125] in transport 3
with points being tight not arming them with their rockets meant they were easily killed in combat

Troop [1] Ork boyz with choppa and slugga(6*18), nob upgrade (10), power klaw (25), boss pole (5) [148]

Troop [2] Ork boyz with choppa and slugga(6*18), nob upgrade (10), power klaw (25), boss pole (5) [148]

Troop [3] Ork boyz with shootas (6*17 [102]
once again performed very poor with not having its own nob and power claw

Troop [5] Gretchin (3*10), runtherd (10) [40]

HS[1] Battlewagon (90), big shoota (5), deff rolla (20) [115]

HS [2] Battlewagon (90), big shoota (5), deff rolla (20) [115]

HS [3] Battlewagon (90), big shoota (5), [95]
The 6 battlewagon turned out to be a complete waste of points

Transport [1] battlewagon (90), big shoota (5), deff rolla (20) elites 1 [115]

Transport [2] battlewagon (90), big shoota (5), deff rolla (20) elites 2 [115]

Transport [3] battlewagon (90), big shoota (5), deff rolla (20) elites 2 [115]

So overall I think I learnt a lot and in some ways it definitely brings my game back down to earth, but there is still positives I can take overall.

Although with 1 win and 4 losses were do I find the positives and it's very simple in each of my games that I lost there was a stage where, I felt I could have easily won but it just simply ran out of steam it couldn't stand up with some of the newer books, and the spam vehicle killing ones definitely devastated my army in most of my games that I lost.

Don't get me wrong battlewagon brigade is still a very strong list and I have not lost faith in the concept, it's just 6 battlewagons is a overstretch.

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