Friday, 12 August 2011

Old School Ork Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun (Conversion)

To start off it is not very difficult to do and you can easily come across the old school Shokk Attack Gun on eBay, for a couple of £s, and overall it works very well considering it didn't take very do

the guns themselves were very simple and straightforward simply adding some more up-to-date bits and pieces that were lying around makes them look so much better.

from this angle you can easily see that the Shokk Attack Gun is resting on the nob shoulder which was easily achieved with a little bit of filing and cutting.

I also wanted to come across as if they were walking looking for their next target instead of being very stationary and static on the battlefield, something I think that has worked very well.

it also can be a bit disappointing when I see other people's miniature and they have completely forgot about their base, by spending a little more time it gives you a models a little bit of a more 3D feel, , after all no one wants to see green grass on its own.

so there you have it another project done and completed hopefully I shall start painting very very soon and in time will post up some pics, so until them.

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