Friday, 19 August 2011

How To Make A Wargaming Table Part 1

All too often I see people spending the majority of their hobby time engrossed in their armies and seem to forget or have no interest in regards to the scenery and the table that they play on, week in week out, which is a real shame.

The majority of hobbyists focus completely on their army forgetting about one of the most important bits. Namely, their wargaming tabletop, without it no matter how good your army looks it will no doubt not show its true potential unless you have made some sort of effort in regards to your table. After all, the majority of your time whilst you play will probably be on a table of some description. So, it's only right that you allocate a little bit of time to get it right.

Below is the next project that I hope to undertake and like I do most of the time before starting I spent a little time doing some research in regards to exactly what I want to achieve, and the end product to be.

It is not a freestanding table and will need to be able to be packed away
Easily transported
Durable i.e. to last a long time
Provide enough space to play on as well as storing little bits and pieces like dice and models
Also have its own feet so it can be taken to clubs etc

As you are probably aware, after a few quick searches on the internet, you will no doubt find some really good articles and suggestions by other hobbyists and gamers in regards to exactly what they have done and achieved with their own projects.

First up is definitely worth checking out and is exactly what I want to achieve

Next is a really good article by

So with all that in mind I've sketched a few ideas with pencil and paper to brainstorm. I think I'm going to use MDF in 2x2 tiles for the table itself as it seems to work quite well as material and it's very affordable, which in turn will be held together with little pins so that the tiles do not move around.

Next is the shell that will go around the table and provide support as seen in the video above. I've also documented the material that I think I will need, so when I go to purchase at a store it will be easier to have all the measurements that I need close to hand.

This is a side view of what will go around the table and hopefully will add much-needed support to the tiles whilst I play my games.

And finally below you can see what will go around one side of the table to provide space to put models dice etc whilst playing, for me it's very important as all too often things on the tabletop the come very messy.

Finally a birds eye view in the bottom bit of the picture, I have decided that it may need some slats that will go under the tiles to add strength when playing.

So there you have it, an ambitious project yes-but definitely feasible and something I'm looking forward to very much as it has been a long time in the planning.

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