Thursday, 23 February 2012

War On The Shore The 1st NDGH Ranked 40K Tournament 08.04.12

Hello all and after inspiration from other great local events, we wanted to take the plunge and host our very own 40k tournament in the heart of North down. We have created brand new custom designed 4x4 war zones. Terrain will span the furthest reaches of the Imperium, from mud soaked trench lines and shelled out city structures to rolling rivers and steamy jungles. your tables have been crafted with care to enhance your gaming experience.

So declare war and prepare for battle, grab your ticket today so like everything it has to start somewhere so it's up to everyone to support and play there part in it, Get Your Ticket Now!!!

Bullet Points:

  • Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis, so get them while you can.
  • In the interest of confirming numbers, we would appreciate pre-booking. Payment may be made on the day of the event, but will incurr a £2.50 surcharge (total £12.50). This charge will not be applied to spectator tickets.
  • Spectators are welcome and if you wish to discuss space for open play please contact us on 07887952294
  • Rules pack and info can be found at northdowngamershub
  • Closing date for list submission Wednesday 4th April 2012
  • 1000pts highlander style games (see rules pack)
  • 4’x4’ Wooden tabletops
  • Free tea, coffee and biscuits available all day
  • Registration from 8.30-9.30am
  • Round 1 commences 9.30am
  • 1.5 hours per round
  • Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as best sportsmanship, best 
  • painted and wooden spoon. Prizes to be confirmed

It is our hope that this tournament will be the first of many hosted by NDGH. We want to expand the community, creating a hub for local gamers to mix and slug it out on the battlefield.

 So whether it is your first or one hundred and first tournament you are more than welcome to join in.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

KR Multicase Sponsors Ireland's Flames of War ETC Team

The War Altar is delighted to announce that KR Multicase will be sponsoring the Irish Flames of War team, travelling to the 2012 European Team Championship.

This is really good news in regards to the team getting itself off on the right foot, in regards to this years tournament. So if you're interested in getting yourself some storage for your toy soldiers take the time and check them out kr multi case

Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Converted Feral Warboss

As you do with your spair time, I recently was going through some pictures that I had on a old hard drive, and I came across this fellow, which brought back a lot of memories. He was originally done almost 10 years ago and at the minute is a bit battered and bruised lying in my bits box. So with that in mind I thought it was about time that I posted these pics to let everyone see him in all his glory.

I had a clear vision in regards to what I wanted to achieve and hopefully reading the below fluff you'll get a better idea of where I was hopefully coming from.

Feral Orks background

Waaagh has passed through a planet. While most Orks leave with their Warboss to find more warfare, some Ork spores are left behind on these worlds. If the spores manage to survive in harsh environments, they will then grow into Feral Ork tribes. Like most Orks, Feral Orks favor close combat, although they are significantly less capable of shooting. This is because, Feral Orks, being almost completely left behind by their more advanced brethren. These Orks make use of crude technology and employ boars, traps, and massive Squiggoths in attacks. 

The Feral Ork Structure is full of cheap, expendable Orks armed with very basic technology, although often their sheer numbers are sufficient to overcome a foe. 

The Feral Ork Structure is representing the forces that get left behind on a world once an Ork Waaagh! has moved on. Usually they are a new generation from the seeds and pods released by all Orks but can also be normal Orks stuck on a world who effectively devolve back to a feral state. The Feral Orks, while less evolved, do have access to a variety of equipment in their armoury, however a lot of it works due to the strange effects they have on the mind of the Ork, rather than actually having a physical effect.

So with all that in mind I finally got dying to business to see what I could come up with, and I think you'll agree he can might very well

His left arm originally came from a Mordheim: Pit Fighter Ogre which would act as a power club as a power claw didn't keep in with the fluff.

Also his cape was originally taking from the Chaos Warriors sprue which at the time were newly released , and by simply doing a little bit of green stuff work, like adding patches making tears in his cloth, as this guy has been in several scraps over the course of his lifetime. 

Finally for me probably the best bit of the whole project, no feral warboss worth his salt would ever go into battle without a shield and this is no exception as he easily makes use of a warhammer orc chariot wheel. 

So there you have it please make sure you leave a few comments and if you have your own feral project make sure you get in contact.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

ENCORE 1000pts Highlander Tournament My List

So this Saturday sees me going up to MAGEE CORE in Derry Northern Ireland for a 1 day 40K 1000pts Highlander tournaments, these tournament are becoming quite popular with the local players, as you're not allowed to duplicate any unit, and there is also some restrictions in regards to what you can take in your force organisation chart. And because it's at such a low pointed level, you can easily do 5 rounds in one day which makes you get more ranking points in RHQ.

Check out this post Dominion Day V Battle Report Game 1 & 2 to find out more as this is the second Highlander tournaments, I have attended recently with a mixed bag of results so all being well I'm hoping to do a little bit better this time around.

So this is what I'm deciding to bring

* HQ
    * Big Mek
        Bosspole, Choppa, Slugga

* Elites
    * Lootas
        15x Loota

* Nobz 

        * Nob
            Choppa, Cybork Body (Grotsnik), Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Big Choppa, Cybork Body (Grotsnik), Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Big Choppa, Cybork Body (Grotsnik), Shoota/Scorcha Kombi-Weapon, Warbike
        * Nob
            Big Choppa, Bosspole, Cybork Body (Grotsnik), Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Cybork Body (Grotsnik), Power Klaw, Slugga, Waagh Banner, Warbike

* Troops

    * Gretchin
        10x Gretchin
        * Runt Herder
            Grabba Stikk

    * Ork Boyz
        30x Boy
        * Nob
            Bosspole, Power Klaw

* Fast Attack
    * Deffkoptas
        * Deffkopta
            Buzzsaw, Twin-Linked Big Shootas

* Heavy Support
    * Big Gunz
        3x Ammo Runts
        * Big Gun
            2x Grot Krew, Kannon
        * Big Gun
            2x Grot Krew, Kannon
        * Big Gun
            2x Grot Krew, Kannon

So there you have it, as always there's lots of potential but it largely depends on who I'm going to play on the day.
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