Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dominion Day V Battle Report Game 1 & 2

So last week I attended Dominion Day at Arkham Gaming Centre and over the course of the jampacked 12 hours of gaming, I managed to squeeze in 5 games of 40K at 1000pts with a mixed bag of results.

So this is what I decided to take bearing in mind that there was some restrictions in regards to what you could take. you can see 40K HIGHLANDER Rules 1 Day 5 Round 1000pts Tournament for more info.


So the main focus of my army was to attack and attack fast I had two very mobile units which could very easily assault by turn 2 if I needed to.

    * Warboss (90pts) 
        Bosspole (5pts), Power Klaw (25pts), Slugga

    * Kommandos (135pts) 
        Boss Snickrot (85pts), 5x Kommando (50pts)

    * Nobz (Troops) (275pts) 
        * Nob (45pts) 
            Choppa, Slugga, Warbike (25pts)
        * Nob (50pts) 
            Big Choppa (5pts), Slugga, Warbike (25pts)
        * Nob (55pts) 
            Big Choppa (5pts), Shoota/Scorcha Kombi-Weapon (5pts), Warbike (25pts)
        * Nob (55pts) 
            Big Choppa (5pts), Bosspole (5pts), Slugga, Warbike (25pts)
        * Nob (70pts) 
            Power Klaw (25pts), Slugga, Warbike (25pts)

    * Ork Boyz (220pts) 
        30x Boy (180pts)
        * Nob (40pts) 
            Bosspole (5pts), Power Klaw (25pts)

    * Stormboyz (280pts) 
        20x Stormboy (240pts)
        * Nob (40pts) 
            Bosspole (5pts), Power Klaw (25pts)

 Also being able to play on a 4x4 having Boss Snickrot at my disposal to appear from anywhere with my war boss I was hoping to keep my opponents on their toes.

So how did it go well from the start it didn't exactly go to plan 

Game 1 Pitch Battle.Capture and Control 
Opponent Adam Sleinner Grey Nights 
Result Draw  8 Battle Points

At the minute are always a hard matchup and I really did struggle considering I was up against Paladin terminators and purifiers which isn't exactly easy. 

Alan list is pretty simple straightforward list.

 for my deployment it was important for me to pick the fights that I could win.

As you can see I made a dreadful mistake enabling my bikers to get assaulted in my opponents turn. Although my storm boys successfully wiped out his whole Paladin terminators: which was quite fun.

The dread night was devastating, his firepower was pretty effective all game
considering the matchup I was quite pleased with the draw.

Game 2  Spearhead Seize Ground 3 Objectives
Opponent  Scott Waring Orks 
Result Loss 5 Battle Points

I really went into this game a lot more comfortable considering I know the Codex very well,and was very nearly taking something quite similar.

 scott list centred around 20 boys in a battlewagon and truck with some mega-armour nobs so all in all it was quite fast, and Boss Snickrot.

So it was important for me to play this one a little bit more defensive.

 I expected the scott ork it move forward as quick as possible towards me which in turn he did

 he too was also runing Boss Snickrot and on turn 2 successfully rolled his reserves.

 looking back another mistake letting my nob bikers getting assaulted which as you can see it wasn't going to plan and like in  game 1 these mistakes were costing me dear, as I wasn't using their mobility properly.

I also took the decision to assault his 10 Gretchen that were holding his objective which would mean that the boys inside the battlewagon would have a choice to make whether to move forward or to go back to hold it.

At the very end it was going quite well as I was playing for another draw but to no avail, it came down to my objective being contested by a enemy death copter in the final turn which meant a loss.

Not exactly the best start you can have at a tournament but hopefully in game 3 I would get something a little bit each lucky in regards to my opponent something nice and soft.

So there you have it.


  1. Nob bikers in 1000pts... that's just mean! Though so far you've been letting them get assaulted which is nice of you!

    Love the big units though.

  2. Jajaja! I love the komandos!


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