Tuesday, 27 December 2011

40K HIGHLANDER Rules 1 Day 5 Round 1000pts Tournament

In the New Year all being well I'll will  be going to Arkham Gaming Centre to take part in Dominion Day V, a Warhammer 40K tournament, run in conjunction with Jonny Fisher. This 1 day ranking 1000 point tournament will allow the best 40K players in Ireland North & South to make war across the tabletop.

This is a one day tournament for 46 players, each playing five 1000 point games on a 4x4 table. Hopefully this will also encourage some 40K players who haven't yet stepped into the ranked tournament scene to give it a go, and also allow those who miss out on tickets for Assault on Arkham to get some action. From the feedback we get on our 40K tournaments, a great day is virtually guaranteed! 

for more info see Arkham Gaming Centre

HIGHLANDER RULE – There Can Be Only One!

These rules seem to becoming very popular here in Ireland as it allows you to take part in a 5 Rounds Tournament all in one day which in turn gives you maximum tournament points although in saying that there is some restrictions.

1000 points 
5 games in 1 day 
4' x 4' tables 
46 Players max 

Max one of each unit type, with the exception that armies with only one Troop option can duplicate it as long as each unit has unique upgrades. Things like land raiders count as being the same, so one godhammer or one redeemer or one crusader. Transports cannot be duplicated either.

The force organisation chart also changes: 

1 HQ - Compulsory 
1 Elite - Optional 
2 Troops - Compulsory 
1 Fast - Optional 
1 Heavy - Optional 

If you fill that FO chart you can start on this one:
1 HQ 
1 Elite 
2 Troops 
1 Fast 
1 Heavy 

And if you somehow fill that one you can take: 

1 Elite 
2 Troops 
1 Fast 
1 Heavy 

Vehicle Squadrons are restricted to one model per unit.

These restrictions definitely do make building lists a little bit more tricky, although in saying that it does definitely make things a lot more level playing field. Which in some ways can only be a good thing.

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