Saturday, 14 January 2012

My Boss Snickrot Conversion

As I stated in my last post I recently attended a 40k tournament and decided to take Boss Snickrot. I have never been a fan of the original head but loved his model, as I think his head didn't quite look great and I wanted to go with something a little bit more traditional. So I decided to get the green stuff out and see what I could come up with.

 It wasn't long before I decided on his head replacement as I think it is more in keeping with his model, as a whole and his  just beret adds another neat touch that makes him look like a proper, WW2 commando. I also plan to do his squad the same as I think it would make it look quite unique on the tabletop

I also positioned the model as if he were sneaking up behind someone, after all that's what commandos do, or so I've been told which meant that I had to reposition his head and make his neck longer, which meant I came up with a rather good idea to convert him to having a T-shirt rather than having him barechested.

This is a very simple conversion and wasn't too difficult to achieve, and because his model is quite big it's very easy to achieve. He is a popular choice with any ork player and makes mine a little bit more unique.

 You can also see his neck has been lengthened as you can just about see where his T-shirt.

By simply putting a line of green stuff the hallway along his upper arm you can easily make it look like he's wearing a T-shirt, also it will also help when sculpting his neck to make it look a little bit more refined,

 I must admit I was quite pleased with the results. and I'm already thinking about some ideas is for his unit so do you have any suggestions?


  1. Awesome, I like it a lot.

    However I can still see some mould lines , especially on the backpack.

  2. More berets, nothing says elite infantry better than a beret. Which colour are you painting the beret? commando's wore green paratroopers red etc?

  3. Simply an awesome model. great greenstuffing! love the shortened sleeves aswell.

  4. Looks great, really nice GS work there. BTW just added myself to the follower list, also added your blog to my blog roll =) Great stuff

  5. Nice work there! I actually have a Boss Snickrot model I need to re-imagine sometime soon, so I might have to steal some of your ideas :) For me 40K is on the wain a bit, however a few friends and I are going to start some 40K campaign games in the spirit of historical gaming and see how it goes. For that I'm running my orks (and if I can find the time to paint up a new nids force perhaps nids as well). Nice blog sir keep up tine inspired posts! Thank you :)

  6. Great conversion! I am now following your site as well, thanks for the follow!

  7. Came after your comment on my Snikrot, nice Barets - we think alike.

  8. Tan berets are for Ranger Battalion as well, anyway, looks great and thanks for the add.

  9. Looks sharp!

    By the way, thanks for the kind words you dropped on my blog.

    Lotsa' of good stuff found here! Keep up the great work!

  10. Nice blog you got here, consider my a follower:)
    You got some fine looking orks over here, great to see!

  11. I also shall second the views about your blog!
    Excellent stuff all round mate, and thanks for following me too.
    I'm now signed up as a member here.

    Munky out.

  12. Saw on the Arkham forum you were looking to head to the next one in feb, I'm not gonna be able to go as the army won't be finished in time, do you want to take my ticket before I put it back on the roulette wheel that is the reserve list?

  13. You know, I've never been a big fan of Berets, but I gotta say, they look excellent on an ork!


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