Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tutorial adding much-needed weight to your models and it doesn't cost very much

This is a very simple tutorial in regards to how to add weight to your models, and you should like me be only too familiar with plastic miniatures being too light on the tabletop, when moving around scenery except all too often they fall over in a drunken state of despair. But fear not there is help.

Step 1 Get some Das modelling material or I'm sure you could find an alternative

This stuff is brilliant it can be used from loads of different things in your hobby and it is very reasonably priced about £3.99 in the UK

Step 2 fill in the models base as it gives you more surface to glue onto.

Step 3 go and get some 2p and sure there's loads of them lying around your house.

Step 4 them onto your models and you certainly notice the difference when playing.

Step 5 repeats step 1 until you've finished your whole army.

Job done and you will certainly notice the difference whilst playing .


  1. Nice tutorial. just wondered though, how much are the 2p's? :)

  2. Have a look at mine posted 2 months ago:

    I also made them magnetic so you can easily transport them on a tin tray or cookie tin.

  3. thank you Warpaintguy and yes I checked your site something definitely worth thinking about


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