Friday, 11 March 2011

750pt Orks Battlewagon Brigade List

Recently helped to came up with this list on Dakka Dakka 750 Orks for 40k beginner event
and thought it might be very effective considering the low point level, and most opponents would find it difficult. to deal with considering its in-your-face by turn 2.

750pt Orks 5th Ed


Big Mek (90pts)
Choppa, eavy armour Kustom Force Field

Ork Boys (160pts)
20x Boy Nob Bosspole, Power Klaw

Ork Boys (154pts)
19x Boy Nob Bosspole, Power Klaw

Fast Attack (105pts)
3xWar Buggies (105pts)
War Buggy Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha

Heavy Support (240pts)
2xBattle Wagon Big Shoota, Deff Rolla, Grot Riggers

(749pts Total)

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