Friday, 11 March 2011

My New Skaven Blood Bowl Team

Drugs Magic and Warpstones

lists wise it work out

1 Thrower 70
4 Gutter Runners 320
2 Blitzers 180
5 Linemen 250
Apothecary 50
2 RR 120
1 FF 10

This lineup takes advantage of your most potent weapon: your Gutter Runners. You could also drop the Thrower for an additional RR, though that would leave you with only 11 rats. Don't be afraid to use a Gutter Runner as a passer. His mobility should keep his passes relatively short, and if you've got a RR available, Gutter Runners are better passers than your Throwers are, at least until your Throwers start collecting Passing skills. Once you have some cash, add your 2nd thrower, then a reroll, then your Rat Ogre, then fill out your roster with linemen.

You hear a lot of people complaining that there isn't any BB models being released which couldn't be further from the truth, considering with the new release of warhammer eighth edition and with dozens of warhammer box sets available for most of the races. It doesn't take much effort to transform a unit into BB team with relatively little effort. And I'm already looking to my next project, but to this one briefly if I can.

So as always where does the project began for me it begins looking through the Internet for inspiration, and surprisingly, there wasn't much to go on so I find myself looking at the computer games artwork which have some very cool pictures, and I'm already coming up with ideas for the players individually

So you've probably seen the big picture and that has given it away, and just to clarify its then low-down dirty rats for me this time around and the unit of choice is (with a drum roll please) The skaven night runners box set.

So what is exactly underneath in the box

Overall it wasn't an easy decision I have recently playing them online, and I've decided to convert my very own team from the warhammer box set, at £18 it's not exactly the cheapest, but it's a lot cheaper than the ones that GW is currently selling and the models themselves are looking a we bit dated.

surprisingly quite a lot this is a kit from 20 models (more than enough to make my team) all different shapes and sizes and the reason why, I like these is because their multi-poseable i.e. you can adjust the arms and legs, etc to whatever positions you want, you also can decide what they look like. And for BB this is vital to make your team look like a team and not just a plastic model that's had his weapons removed.

2 Stormvermin still a little bit more work to do on these guys

4 linemen

The Thrower is were I wanted to do something different and try and include some sort of mechanical enhancement for throwing the ball.

4 Gutter Runners probably the most satisfying bit of the team at present and I'm really pleased the way they have turned out

So considering I've only started things are coming along quite nicely.


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