Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My Custom Blood Bowl Pitch

So my idea was very simple I wanted to made a custom Pitch for the tournament I attended inJuly 2010 with my new Orc team to play on, below you can see the project from start to finish.

I've always been inspired to make male pitch and in the summer of 2010 it became pretty major part of my life for about 8 weeks.

I used tiles spacers to to use for the grid reference for the pitch

I liked the idea of making the pitch that would be in a town in the Empire I also want to make it very rundown looking a shadow of itself in it's heyday.

Because it was made of polystyrene it was easy to make the pitch looked very battle worn. From the very start.

I wanted the pitch to come across tired used and abused, over a long time with all the little details adding character to the overall look

This picture shows the dugouts, originally I had planned to have then in the middle of the pitch.
I'm was very happy with the results so far although I'm going to change a few things which you will see in good time.

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