Monday, 21 March 2011

My Custom Blood Bowl Pitch Update 2

So overall things were coming along quite nicely and considering I was on holiday from work for a week it is given much-needed time for the project in hand.

I think you can see by the picture I've decided that the original layout was not very feasible so the dugout and re-roll have been separated
which overall makes the pitch more playable whilst playing.

Typically like most projects I start things change halfway through and that is exactly what happened here, on closer inspection I thought the pitch was too wide and not long enough so I changed the way it was laid out by moving the re-rolls along the bottom, easier when playing instead of reaching over the table.

It's all in the detail

I have also started work on a little extra add-ons etc tables benches for the dugouts
from a old hero quest gamenwhich I had lying around, I don't think they look too bad.

I've decided to use WILLS OO RANDOM STONE MATERIALS PACK which are available on eBay quite reasonably. They have been used for the dugout floor and walls around the pitch. they are easily cut and give lots of X factor to the overall look of the pitch.

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