Friday, 25 March 2011

KR Multicase Foam Tray for 50 models Army Cases (Review)

KR Multicase Foam Tray for Army Cases (Review)

For a little while now I have been considering buying a new Army transport case for my models. So whilst surfing the Internet I came across (WARGAMES Foam Tray for Army Cases hold 50 models) on eBay. Cost £3.49 per tray

So here's comes the review

First impressions (extremely good)
As you can see the tray easily fits 50 models which is the biggest advantage that I can see for you to go with these trays

Quality (softer)
The foam itself is softer than GW's which I think overall is better as the GW one is quite abrasive on your models.

Height (A little bit smaller to allow you an extra Tray in your GW case )
The tray are smaller than GW's ones which allows you to fit 4 KR tray yes you heard it right 4x50= 200 models in one case.

This is the biggest advantage fitting 10 models wide instead of 9 in the below photograph.

You can clearly see this in the below 2 pictures the extra space saved means you to fit extra models, as the blue KR tray one is a lot more snuggle.

All of which fit very snugly in your GW case

So the conclusion is very simple it gets a massive thumbs up and for the price it's not too expensive a upgrade.

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