Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Custom Blood Bowl Pitch Update 3

So at this stage in the project things are really moving along quite nicely, I have started painting the pitch and overall I'm quite pleased with the results so far.

Although I am already noticing a few things I would do different, namely painting the whole pitch green before putting on the tile spacers for a start would save lot of my time.

That's the thing when doing projects like this it's not about enjoying what you're necessarily doing it's the finished result which I'm working to, and anything that can save time is a real advantage.

The white dots is textured paint as I was not happy with some areas this to take some more time paint in the them black, another lesson learned.

Also the white lines of the pitch markings I have decided to simply paint the tile spacers as it seems to work quite well, but time will tell if this affect will work overall.

The stone areas will be painted Grey and then highlighted with the blue ink wash a little more work to do to get them just right which makes them stand out from the green.

So as you can see this project is well underway and probably the most enjoyable time for me when you can start to see things visually. in front of you when you begin to start painting.

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