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My 40k Converted Squats Army

Introducing the The 40th Corps 54th Massachusetts Miners

The Theme
I have been pondering over My 40k Squats for a while now, and there is a lot of options available within the current pages of the IG codex. By believing the propaganda, the Squats homeworlds were extinct and wiped out long ago but surely other colonies would have survive outside their home worlds.

For me the only way forward as to organiser a fighting force is to be incorporated into the Imperial guard and to that effect, that is the policy that I wish to sign up to.

Squats evolved from the human miners and explorers sent to reap the mineral wealth at the center of the galaxy. The high gravity environment, combined with the punishing mining conditions eventually changed their morphology. The subsequent generations became gradually shorter and stockier. The Squat Home Worlds were isolated from the rest of humanity during the Age of Isolation.

When they were reunited with the rest of the Imperium, wars were launched against them in the belief that they were aliens. Eventually the Squats were accepted, along with other abhumans, as being human in nature. They are now considered a separate race, though they are fundamentally human.

The 54th Commanding officer

The Film Glory, is going to be at the heart of its theme which centres around the first black regiment that was in the American Civil War.

And if you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend you do.

3 of the 54th officers

The Fluff and background of the 54th Army

The regiment was one of the first official Squats units in the Imperial Guard to see, and fight on the frontline. Squats up until that moment were used as slave labor on many years and fought against prejudice and racism from other Imperial citizens and soldiers within its ranks.

The Squats were never going to see combat. They were seen as a race of a bygone age not worthy of front-line service fighting for the Emperor, and If not for Colonel Shaw’s father, they never would have. The 54th was controversial, many people supported the abolition of slavery, but still treated Squats as lesser or inferior to humans, and would do so even today.

Though some claimed Squats could not fight as well as humans, the actions of the 54th demonstrated once again the fallacy in that argument, as this was not the first time Squats ever fought in wars or even for the Imperial guard. Many had fought in many imperium Revolution on both fighting sides. Many more Squats join the regiment, to escaped slave that there battle brothers had ensured for decades.

54th Sergeant

To War And Service
After a few months of training exercises, the 54th got their orders: They were to report to Hilton Head, South sector, where they arrived 1862 41M. one calendar eath month later, they saw their first combat action in a skirmish on nearby James Island. They saw the most severe action and earned most of their fame from the part they played in an attack on Fort Whaagh Wagner.

To The front line
Colonel Shaw pulled every string that he could to get his Squats to the front line in the war His wish was granted by his father and the 54th Massachusetts Miners was sent to assist in the attack on Fort WHAAGH Wagner, and massive structure that had stood the test of time in its defiance against all opposition thrown against it. Upon his arrival, Colonel Shaw volunteered his regiment to lead and spearheaded the assault all of which would go down in history.

Heavy weapons team

The Battles for Fort Whaagh Wagner
The most famous regiment that fought in the battle of Fort WHAAGH Wagner was the 54th Massachusetts Miners (Volunteer Infantry)regiment, which was one of the first Squats regiments in the war and gained it recognition throughout the imperium. The attack from the outset was ill planned and suicidal. Over half of the Squats that charged with the 54th were lost. Consequently, Fort WHAAGH Wagner was never taken by any assault After the battle, Ork Boys buried the regiment's commanding officer, Colonel Shaw, in a mass grave with the Squats soldiers of his regiment, viewing this as an insult to him, Instead, his regiment thanked the ork boys for burying Shaw with his men something that would not be forgotten that day but remembered and revenged on many worlds in the future.

Which is one of the regiments battlecry (Your Not Forgotten But Revenged)

The mass grave at Fort WHAAGH Wagner no longer exists, the site has eroded, almost deleted from record, but the remains of Colonel Shaw and his Squats live on in the actions of heroism, that the Squats demonstrate when fighting to day.

Wmffre Cronus, an sergeant with the 54th, is considered the first Squat recipient of the Honorifica Imperialis for his actions that day in recovering and returning the unit's Flag to Imperial lines and with that one of the most respected positions within the regiment is a flag carrier.

Pay controversy
The enlisted Squats of the 54th were recruited on the promise of pay and allowances equal to their human counterparts. This was supposed to amount to subsistence and 13 imperium credits a month. Instead Squats soldiers were paid 10 credits a month with 3 credits withheld for clothing, equaling 7 credits in the end of the month. (Human troops had nothing withheld from their monthly in the up the difference in pay, on principle, a regiment-wide boycott of the pay tables on paydays became the norm.

The 54th Today
From that date the regiment has increased in size and number and stature within the 40th Corps and it forms an integral part of military operations within the sector. The 54th is fighting machine that is currently involved in many conflicts throughout the imperium, and forms a part of the Imperial Guards 40th Corps.

Volunteering is at the very heart of the regiment. They have the reputation of being one of the most resilient regiments within the 40th Corps and normally volunteered there service when normal imperium soldiers would shy away.

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