Tuesday, 12 April 2011

3 Rogue Trader 1990s Converted Ork Battlewagon

So I've been working on these for a while now and I think overall they have worked out quite well, the original model are not very big so with a little bit of persuasion it wasn't too difficult to join the two kits together, to make it bigger. After all the boys will need room for manoeuvring.

I posted a more pics, and yes you are quite right the models themselves are quite expensive to come across on eBay. Although I set myself a limit at £20 each

A friend was buying the ork trucks to convert for his Imperial guard army it turned out not too expensive,
considering he gave me all the bits that he didn't want.

this pic shows the size with ork beside the models

And the ones that I eventually got were a bit battered and bruised but that didn't matter at all considering I was going to convert them anyway.

The Problem is now I just need to get another 3 as I want them all the same.

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