Saturday, 30 July 2011

My Conversions Wazdakka Gutsmek (Painted)

So with another tournament happening next week at Arkham gaming centre it was only a matter of time to take My Wazdakka Gutsmekout for a spin. The model itself was done a few years ago and as you can see by the pictures I still need to do a little bit more work to do before it's finished and ready for the tabletop at next week's tournament.

you will probably no doubt be familiar in regards to what models I used to convert him

Gutsmek himself was a little bit more difficult to do using a old metal war boss which isn't the easiest model to fit on a bike, but nonetheless with a little bit of effort it was easy to get around

also I have recently added exhausts which I'm going to paint very soon as I think it needed a little bit more exaggeration in regards to speed, and I think overall it works quite well.

and finally another close-up pic of his weapons i.e. 2 twin linked Gatlin guns to represent his shooting firepower. I do not have a lot of experience playing with a war boss on a bike so hopefully things turn out for the best. and with 4 strength 8 24" rockets at his disposal it sounds good to me, and also being able to fire after he Turbo boosts it definitely good , not to mention his mega blaster.

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  1. Good to see the old girl out and about. Its also promising that there are some rules which finally suit the model!


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