Tuesday, 5 July 2011

How to convert your Nobs to give them the Waagh! factor

Next Project-My Nobs!

Surprisingly this is the first time that I have ever converted and assembled Nobs in such quantity. And it has to be said that their box set from GW is one of the best available for versatility

So as you can see this is a group shot of the big man himself , the banners give them all some sense of individuality as they directly come from their units once they have become too big to handle!

From the outset I wanted them to be big, bold and beefy! After all they are supposed to be top of the food chain and by the looks of it they are pretty well fed.

As you can see I have glued 2p to their bases to give them more weight see my tutorial.

The one above used an old storm boy nob's head with a face plate glued onto it

Basically with such a project you want to incorporate something unique and in also stands out. You can easily pick up Black reach Nobs on ebay and with simply chopping off arms etc and slight conversions you can easily expand your unit with the bits that are left over from the Nob box set.


  1. I hate these guys already!lol Cool unit, the banners are probably my favourite bit of your army, makes them so unique. These guys certainly are big and beefy! Trackle Black is getting very powerful indeed.

  2. Ah man these are awesome, the banners really set them apart! I presume these boys will be popping out of a wagon at a tournament somewhere in NI soon. Are UAA going to Larne in August for Arkham's tournie?

  3. The models look great and the boss poles (the banners) even better. My only gripe is the 2p as it is larger than the base itself. A penny actually fits under the base and is out of site. If you cannot get a hold of a penny though just cut the 2p so it can fit under the base.

  4. Hello Joseph Cullen yes that is the plan if I can get some time off work

  5. Hope you don't mind but I show cased your post in my blog's Sunday Best which promotes my favourite post over the past week.

  6. Not at all and thank you very much for taking the time out you're very welcome.

  7. They look really cool.

    I'm interested in how you made the banners. The look like plasticard, and same with some of the glyphs, but some of them look like plastic or maybe resin. Are some of them from Forgeworld?

  8. This is brilliant! Consider it stolen!


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